Why Xbox One? Microsoft Explains It And The Support For Indie Devs In The Next-Gen

We know that Microsoft’s new console was called Xbox One because it is the system that brings all your entertainment in one machine, in other words, an all in one system. However, Jeff Henshaw, group program director of the company, thinks our definition of the concept should be expanded to better understand why Microsoft went with the peculiar choice of name.

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AllroundGamer1907d ago

to take "One" step back in gaming.

Maddens Raiders1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

"There is something very powerful about the name. Xbox One truly embodies the concept of the first device, the combination of this powerful console that brings all 8 cores, 8GB of RAM, a super-fast memory, and dedicated processing subsystems of audio and video. There is an incredible power on the device, married to the next generation of Kinect that actually allows these subtle interactions between you and your entertainment device"

The incredible power to have your every move and sound watched and tracked. I like how he calls them "subtle" interactions...

MasterCornholio1907d ago

What you posted sounds more like a cable box then a gaming console.


first1NFANTRY1907d ago

what nonsense. Please spare us the patriotism.

stage881907d ago

Haha that picture is priceless.

nix1907d ago

i liked the Xbox Infinty.

Themisterphenix1907d ago

I hope they have a program like green light from steam for indie games!So the players chose want they want in the indie store!

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