N64 vs PS2, Which Was More Influential? writes: "With the main hot topics in the gaming industry being the recently revealed Xbox One and the PlayStation 4; it would seem like a great time to look back at two consoles that helped pave the way to get us where we are today. Within the last 20 years, two consoles have help lead their companies to where they are today and without these two, they might not still be around in the modern gaming industry. These two influential consoles being Nintendo’s N64 console and Sony’s PlayStation 2 console. Each console although in a different generations helped us get the industry to where it is today by their own means. So which console was more influential?"

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PopRocks3592023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

As far as pulling in more gamers, PS2. As far as innovations I'll give it to 64 for the 4 player ports. Both consoles had great features and games that gave me good memories for different reasons.

EDIT: @yewles1

This wasn't even a reply. That console has two ports on it. And besides, while I'm sure there was a console out there that had a multitap before the 64's existence, it doesn't change the fact that the 64 really popularized 4 player gaming. Same with rumble. The Xbox had it, the PS2 had a multitap and all future major consoles have supported four controllers at launch.

yewles12023d ago

"As far as innovations I'll give it to 64 for the 4 player ports."

yewles12023d ago

"That console has two ports on it."

Read it again, it was the first ever 4-port console with a truly analog joystick. It got a later revision, removing two ports.

Elwenil2023d ago

The NES also had 4 player support with the NES Satellite.

As far as I've seen 4 player games have never been especially popular in the grand scheme of things.

PopRocks3592023d ago


Should I go and assume that Goldeneye 64 and Super Smash Bros. don't fall into as far as you've seen then?

FamilyGuy2023d ago

PS1 and PS2 had multi tap which allowed 8 plyer gaming on a single console. Only sports games supported it though.

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SoapShoes2023d ago

I'd say the PS1 was more influential than either. The PS1 really pulled gaming out of the "kid" image it had before then.

HammadTheBeast2023d ago

Agreed, the RPG games on the PS1 were legendary.

Legend of Dragoon

FF 7-9

Chrono Trigger

Bimkoblerutso2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

^ Chrono Cross?

I agree, though. I would much sooner compare the N64 to the PS1 than the PS2.

dedicatedtogamers2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I'd say N64. It put console shooters on the map. It put rumble on the map. It put analog sticks on the map. It pioneered the concept of a fully-realized 3d platformer. It paved the way for 3rd-person action games (Ocarina's Z-button lock-on is still used today in many games). It popularized the Kart racing genre (granted, Super Mario Kart was the first but MK64 popularized it).

The N64 also - finally - cut the apron strings of the arcade market. PS1 was full of arcade games (not necessarily a bad thing) but N64 really tried to make console games their own force instead of an extension of arcade games.

PS2 was incredibly influential, no doubt about it, but popularity does not mean influential.

@ InTheLab

Um, yeah, that's why I said "put analog sticks on the map" instead of "invented analog sticks" or something like that. Analog sticks had been abandoned in the console market for 10 straight years between the time of the '83 crash and the N64's launch.

InTheLab2023d ago

Disagree with analog sticks as they were used in consoles long before the N64 was a thing...

Google "Atari".'s an analog stick.

SilentNegotiator2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

"It put analog sticks on the map"

You could have played Mario 64 with an 8-directional D-pad. A little less comfortably, but still.

HOWEVER, Ps1 gave us the dual analog stick design and that over-right revolutionized console game controls. Again, it could have been two D-pads, but the dual design is what was revolutionary.

SilentNegotiator2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Now that I think about it, I *did* play SM64 with a D-pad when I got the DS version.

Picnic2022d ago

Nobody told Sega that the arcade market strings had been cut though. The Dreamcast has large amounts of them. Some of them are far too niche for widespread popularity but I think that it's nice that the arcade game has made a comeback on downloads this generation, with the likes of ports of Mad Dog McRee and Sega's House of The Dead.

quantae062022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Yeah, before N64 the only analog or digital sticks were joysticks. Sony took it another level and modernized it, but they didnt even release the PS1 with analog sticks. The first PS1 controllers had no control sticks at all, until after they saw the N64's controller.

SilentNegotiator2022d ago


Like I said, it wasn't the sticks themselves that revolutionized console controls. They just made it more comfortable (and theoretically more accurate, unless you design it with 8 directions in mind like N64 and Gamecube did with their design, in which the sticks were housed in an octagon).

It was the design itself. It was comfortable and one of the easiest methods to manipulate the character and camera at the same time.

THAT design lasted. Octagon-housed control sticks did not.

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lizard812882023d ago

I would have to give it to the N64, due to the analog 4 player. It also had online gaming, but it didn't become popular back then as it is now, as for the PS2, you could play DVDs on it, IIRC movies and Music, was means it ventured into other forms of media, rather than gaming, which seem pretty standard these days. The PSX also popularized discs as well. Sure, there were discs back before the PSX, but the keyword is popularized.

Tito082023d ago

N64 didn't have online gaming, it was the Gamecube, but it was limited to 4 games, mostly the Phantasy Star Online games, but the title for coming with online gaming is given to Sega with the Dreamcast, & the Saturn prototype(Sega Pluto) had an online broadband, but they removed it for the final version.

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imXify2023d ago

I would say PS2 because it had a waaaay bigger impact worldwide. I mean, no other console ever could past the billion of softwares sold.

Qrphe2023d ago

PS2 sold +150 million units while the N64 sold a bit over 30.

mamotte2022d ago

Wonder what people here would say if we were talking about the Wii sales... "sales aren't what matter" or seomthing like that.

gamerben2023d ago

N64 definitely. PS2 had DVDs but the N64 was really the first console to do 3D gaming right imo.

Qrphe2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

The 3DO, Saturn and PS1 released predate it.

gamerben2023d ago

I know, but that isn't quite what I mean by "3D". I guess Super Mario 64 was more influential then the console itself (though the console was influential in it's own way, don't get me wrong)

Super Mario 64 did things that no other 3D game before it did. Sure, they had racing games and first person shooters, but it was Mario 64 that truly showed the possibilities of 3D gaming.

KwietStorm2023d ago

First to do 3D gaming right? WHAT does that mean?

gamerben2023d ago

Many developers were hesitant to adapt to 3D before the release of the N64 and Mario 64. The majority of 3D games released before that time were FPS games, racers, and a few 3D fighters. Really, Mario 64 had more of an influence on gaming then the N64 itself. Nobody ever seen a game like it before, it proved the possibilities of 3D gaming.

TheDivine2022d ago

Yea I agree with gamerben. Do you remember when the n64 came out? I do. I started on a NES and from that to a SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, Gamegear exc. but when Mario 64 released it was revolutionary. I had seen 3d games before but I had never seen it like that. Running through the field jumping everywhere with the analog stick was exhilarating. It was totally unheard of for me to really be in a full massive 3d world. It was one of the most pivotal moments in my gaming life along with Mario Bros, Super Mario World, and GTA3 which did the same thing for open wold that M64 did for 3d gaming.

The N64 wins just because it was earlier and created new genres. Before the n64 and after is like two different worlds. 2d with sprites and 3d with polygons. Prob have all my best memories with the n64. 4 player Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Star Fox, SSB, Zelda OOT, and so many more. Ps2 sold more and had more titles but it wasn't as groundbreaking.

Tito082023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

The one thing going on with the N64 was the analog stick, but the PS1 was centered around 3D gaming way before N64, look at Tomb Raider.. Once Sony released the DualShock, that's where there were games that could move around, left analog for movement, right analog for camera view, can't beat that. Sorry but that 3D in Mario wasn't any different from the majority of PS1 games, of course it was a bigger game, more scaled, but that didn't interfere with the likes of MGS, Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo, Spyro. Plus PS1 could do CG graphics, something which benefited JRPGs greatly for story telling, something the N64 didn't, & the limited texture cache.

I mean, N64 was the more powerful console, but it wasn't overall better, PS1, while weaker, but for a weaker console, PS1 proved to be better at things the N64 didn't simply do.

chente00252023d ago

you mean like the wii u? not the most powerful but the best overall. ;)

Tito082019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

@ Chente0025-Can't say Wii U is the best when PS4 & Xbox One aren't even out yet, so it's best to wait before coming with conclusions.

@ SIANSLOW- Linearity has clearly nothing to do with graphics, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night & past 2D Zelda games weren't linear at all, nice attempt, try harder next time fanboy.

level 3602023d ago

PS2. No doubt about it.

Sold my N64 simply because the games were mostly the same.

Software_Lover2023d ago

They were 2 generations apart.

sealava2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

PS2 vs N64 ..
really .. again !?
how about Sega vs Snes .
why must it always be vs ?
everyone helped in their time.