GameSpot: PS4 games to require Vita Crossplay

Next-gen developers will be required to enable PlayStation VITA cross-play on upcoming PlayStation 4 games.


Correction: title and description says "Crossplay", when it should be Remote Play.

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Arai1876d ago

Here's a video of Remote Play between Vita/PS3 to give you an idea.
Note that the whole thing will be a lot better between PS4/Vita, as the PS4 was designed with Vita in mind (PS3 wasn't).

Majin-vegeta1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Being able to play KZ:SF and BF4 on Vita??TAKE MY MONEY!!!

@Below if you insist :P.

kraigslist_killa1876d ago

Diablo 3 on vita....Take my wife!!!

VforVideogames1876d ago

ILL take her you keep youre vita

Boody-Bandit1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I will make you a deal. Keep your wife, take mine, and give me your Vita.

I need it to go with my shiny new PS4 launch day. Definitely picking up a Vita now. This is great news!

MasterCornholio1876d ago

Heres an even better idea.

Imagine cross controller features between the Vita and the PS4 where you use the controls of the Vita to control the character and the touch to manage the inventory and the map.

That would be great to see and hopefully Blizzard does this (though i doubt they will)

ABizzel11876d ago

This is great news but I want to know can I access remote play anywhere with Wi-Fi access, or does the vita and ps4 have to be on the same connection at all times.

BuffMordecai1876d ago

If done properly through gakai, it could be a big blow to the nvidia shield.

starchild1876d ago

You can use it from any wi-fi access point, even far from your house. It currently works best when you are close to your PS3, but I am sure the PS4 streaming will be much better.

Such a cool feature and honestly makes the PS4 and Vita must buys in my opinion. It also gives the PS4 a huge leg up over its competitors.

ABizzel11876d ago

I know it can be done anywhere with the ps3, but with the ps4 it sounds as if it's sending the video feed directly to the vita wirelessly kind of like the wii u, so i'm not to sure if it's Wi-Fi anywhere. Regardless it's still a good feature, but game changing if it's everywhere.

DarkBlood1876d ago

i guess thats cool but probably only usefull for a house i doubt i can find full enjoyment out of that feature in my future apartment though lol

considering going anywhere is not distence enough unless i get a balcony

SoapShoes1876d ago

You can use it while you're waiting at the airport, you can use it at Starbucks, you can use it anywhere there is wifi. It's not limited to where you live and if you're at your place why wouldn't you just play it on your TV? lol

Pintheshadows1876d ago

I for one am going to be rocking my new Vita on the toilet. Destiny on the toilet. It's Destiny.

NioRide1876d ago

But its also limited by bandwidth.

Outside of large populated cities, or even in larger ones, many of the wifi connections in the US are 3mb connections down and 1mb up.

Some with high latency. which wouldn't even be remotely suited for something like this.

Great idea, but outside of Japan were wifi and connection is abundant, a large majority of the world needs to really catch up.

Not saying its not needed or a bad thing. In all actually its a fantastic idea.

kayoss1876d ago

I actually use remote play a lot when I travel for work. I usually play bejeweled 2, god of war collection, and recent beaten shadow of colossus on remote play. It gets a little leggy sometimes but all in all it great.

Salooh1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Why announce what's already announced in Feb ?.. Many articles coming out for old news lately.

Salooh1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Why disagree ?. Remote controle feature announced in playstation meeting. This is old news -.-. Sometimes i don't get you people here..

It's obvious that they mean remote controle not crossplay but they dont know the difference , i auto correct this in my eyes because of the last 2 or 3 articles that repeated this old news lol

Half-Mafia1876d ago

Why is GameSpot reporting false news. Big difference between Crossplay and RemotePlay.

Arai1876d ago

Thanks, I corrected it myself on both occasion.

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The story is too old to be commented.