The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Backwards Compatibility Fallacy's Dave Walsh looks at the recent uproar over Xbox One's lack of backwards compatibility and just why we won't get it and why it should be viewed as a non-issue at this point.

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mrmancs2000d ago

Don't see what the fuss is myself, if you want to play old games keep your old console , simple.

dvewlsh2000d ago

Up until my old house flooded I still had all of my old consoles. I mean, I still have a N64 around now, as well. I want to play older games, so there it is.

dedicatedtogamers2000d ago

It's not a "fuss", but it is a feature that some people want, and in some cases, it may push people to buy one console over the other.

Consider, for instance, the Wii-U: fully BC with Wii games AND Wiimotes (unprecedented!) while PS4 and Xbox One will be unable to play games from the previous gen.

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GamerzElite2000d ago

People wants to play old gen games on New Gen consoles... Amazing!

kayoss2000d ago

I don't understand, what is it that these articles don't get? The architect between this gen vs next gen are totally different. It's almost impossible to add backward compatibility to a console without hiking up the cost. When the ps3 first came out it was 599 people bitch and moan that it was too expensive. Sony remove the bc capability and brought the cost down... People still bitch and moan.

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PigPen2000d ago

That was best for both consoles. Either build on top of current hardware for bc are build future hardware next to PC. That was the best thing the could of done but has its pros and cons.

jagstatboy2000d ago

It's an issue for gamers who have a large library of games and don't want to ever not be able to play them, or at least for a long time. My PS3 won't last forever, and one day they won't be selling them anymore.

CRAIG6672000d ago

I would MUCH prefer backwards compatibility, for the simple reason that Sony and Microsoft will one day stop manufacturing current gen consoles which we know don't last, I have had to replace(had repaired under warranty) both my ps3's and a 360, so having next gen hardware capable of using current gen software would help alleviate some of my console failure anxiety but if its not be its not to be...

kma2k2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

one of my biggest regrets when i got my ps3 was I boxed up my ps2 & gave it away about a week later. My plan for when i buy a ps4 is to put it right in the middle of my ps3 & xbox 360 so i have full backwards compatibility.

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