Sony BMG: Get An Xbox 360 For Sexy Jessica Simpson Contest

WhatIfGaming writes:

"Sony BMG started a competition that ties in with the release of Jessica Simpson's latest album, which I'm sure everyone is just lining up for."


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sonarus3922d ago

is this legit cus this is jst stupid. Not even a wii, an xbox360? Jessica simpson album. Sony has poor relationships with their branches so really wouldn't be shocked if it was a wii but an xbox 360 simply doesn't make sense and not only from a competitive stand point but from the contest perspectives. Like people buying J.simpson albums will be interested in X360's

neeharb3922d ago

Now i know who apart from me is dumb enough to buy Xbox 360's ...ITS sony!!!!!!!!! hehhehe...
So it must me one for me and 1699999 for sony!! heheh
I love my xbox 360!!! Maybe they just wanted some competition this time....hehehe
Just havin some fun guys

BrianC62343922d ago

This is my problem with Sony BMG. They're a part of Sony yet they have this deal and they also made a deal with Microsoft to let them have stuff on Xbox Live. Whoever is running Sony at the top should talk the the people at Sony BMG and tell them we'll have no more of this crap. Do what's right for the company.

Even the Ghostbusters game is a bad one. It's owned by Sony but will be on the 360 and PS3. Can't Sony work together as a company?

Captain Tuttle3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Is to sell as much product as possible. 360 owners' money is just as green as PS3 owners'. Sony is run by business people, not fanboys.

SuperSaiyan43922d ago

Yes it is rather funny for SONY to be offering an Xbox 360 that is rather confusing to say the least. Although on the Xbox 360 marketplace there is a lot of Sony BMG music yet there are no music videos from Sony on the PSN.

e8t bit3922d ago

Sony Electronics and Sony BMG are two completely different companies.

actas1233922d ago

They both report to Sony Corp. They are two different subsidiaries but they are both owned by the same corp (Sony). I think there has been some error and that should be fixed soon. All sony shows and Movies show Sony Products, take king of queens for example, all products in the show are Sony (the TV, Play station 2...). So there is coordination.

3922d ago
kalle3922d ago


"completely different companies"


ASSASSYN 36o3922d ago

Though the article is not old. The occurence WAS real and is quite old.

slowlearner3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

hmmm so jessica simpson fans and 360 fans somehow crossover? would not have thought so.

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The story is too old to be commented.