Call of Duty: Ghosts – animation lead Zach Volker on 'classy violence' and the cost of realism

Guardian - Triple A game development never really stops. Studios crunch for months to make release deadlines, then a few weeks later, everyone is back in the office brainstorming the next instalment. The industry is ruthless and relentless. At Infinity Ward, creator and current custodian of the world's biggest franchise, it's no different. This is a multimillion-selling property, and there are 100 people in the developer's new office in Encino, California, who have to ensure the record-breaking sales continue. They do that by not stopping.

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Ares84HU1965d ago

Make a new engine and I'll be interested.

Company that makes the most money on a franchise puts in the least amount of money/work.

How fucked up is that???

And here I was thinking.....ohh yeah they will make a new engine for the next generation of consoles.

They will be using this same engine in the next 20 years!!

Eyesoffiction1965d ago

I think i am finished with the series, it's release after release. It's really starting to get old.

HammadTheBeast1965d ago

This game is quite honestly designed for people with ADHD and underage kids.

What other game rewards you for being bad at it?

And then "classy violence" gtfo.

The "cost of realism" is 60 FPS which was their excuse last generation too.

This excuse is invalid, because even with the new consoles, the best they could pull off looked like it ran on a 360.

MikeyDucati11965d ago

Westerners love violence. People stop buying Call of Duty. Force them to rethink their strategy. We've beat this dead horse for so long, it's now in two halves and we are hitting the ground the horse rests on.

Eyesoffiction1965d ago

Yeah, i used to play call of duty, then i started to realize kids are playing this and why parents let them is a mystery to me.

One4U1965d ago

are there any halo clones ?

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