Ubisoft: PS4/Xbox One to double opening two-year sales of predecessors

Publisher expects next-gen consoles to hit the ground running
In their first two years on sale, Ubisoft expects the PS4 and Xbox One to sell double that of their predecessors during their respective launch periods.

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dedicatedtogamers2029d ago


When 360 and PS3 launched, the only previous-gen console still selling in respectable numbers was the PS2. This time around, the Wii, Wii-U, PS3, and 360 will all be available on the market at a cheaper price with more games to play.

I don't know where these companies are getting their pie-in-the-sky numbers.

-Mika-2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

The Wii is dead. The Wiiu... At the rate it's currently going. Im positive the 720 and ps4 will have more games than it in 2 years. The ps3 and 360 sales are already slowing down. So don't count out Sony or MS next gen. Their starting prices are going to be cheap according to Michael Pachter and there alot of hype for their new systems. Gaming is alot more popular than it was in 06-08. Trust me, the next gen consoles will be in high demand.

Gr812029d ago

Everyone will be in for quite the surprise. This isn't 2006..This is 2013 in which the global economy is in the dumps, currencies aren't as strong, and jobs are scarcer than before.

What if PS4/Xb1 are priced at say $4-500? Games prices jump to $70?

This just shows exactly how delusional the games industry really is. They are willfully ignorant it seems.

You mention Wii U, which is flip flopping like a fish outta water in the market right now. But what of the Vita? Its also dreamcasting all over the place. Its pathetic. What is preventing the other consoles to flounder in the market as well? What? They will be more expensive than their predecessors and have less software.

And remember, neither the PS3/360 Sold well when first released back in 2006.

Utalkin2me2029d ago

@Arius Dion

The Ps3 didn't come out in 2006 first off. Secondly for the first year of the 360 and PS3 both averaging over a 100,000 units a week. But that is not selling well you say?

2029d ago
mananimal2029d ago

I second that, both Next Gen system's will not sell very well at launch. Not gonna happen, especially Xbox One lol. Hell will freeze over b4 I even consider buying that Anti-Consumer TV SPY BOX called Xbox One. I hate TV which is why I play games as my entertainment.

Supermax2029d ago

Also you have both consoles launching at maybe a couple weeks apart

NiteX2029d ago

Only the desperate will go out buying them on day 1. Sales for both systems won't be huge until the first price drops.

oof462029d ago

It all depends on several factors.

1. The economy. While reports have said the economy is on the rise, people aren't swimming in money.

2. Production of units. There are rumors (yes, I know, not facts) that Microsoft is behind on production of the Xbox One. Sony is gambling that the production of ddr5 ram will ramp up and costs will go down to meet the demand of the ps4.

3. Getting people to upgrade. The hardcore will buy a next gen console. What about the general consumer? Depending on the price point, I see the general public waiting till a price drop.

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