Men’s Room Mayhem Review

Men’s Room Mayhem is a game that has many great qualities about it, yet all in all leaves room for growth. The premise of the game is that you are in charge of moving patrons who enter the restroom. As soon as they enter, they are yours to control, each having a specific need. You must guide them to the station that suites their needs, and once their…. needs… are met, guide them either to the sink for a “hands wash bonus” or guide them straight to the exit. This point so far is simple enough, but the challenge of making sure that the patrons of the gents’ room make it to the urinal or stall in time is an added challenge, along with the fact that if any of the patrons touch each other a brawl will immediately start. The challenge is that only five of these mistakes are allowed before it is a game over. The depth of the game doesn’t stop there however. There are many other bonuses like an “etiquette” bonus, which occurs when you leave a space between urinals. Other bonuses include “close call” and “near miss”.

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