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Cult Classics – Nier

Game Informer - On those rare occasions where I find myself not wanting to play any new games, I retreat to my library to look for a title I’d consider playing again, or never got around to playing when it originally released. There are also games like Dragon Age 2 that I started, shelved, started again, shelved, but never finished. I’m determined to finish it before Dragon Age 3 comes out. For whatever reason, it’s my Kryptonite – and this is coming from someone who routinely finishes some of the lowest scoring games each month. (Nier, PS3, Xbox 360)

dedicatedtogamers  +   419d ago
It's too bad games like Nier got passed over. It offered four completely playthroughs, each with their own endings and several differences in the story each time you played it. I only played through it twice but maybe I'll go through again. The music was also really good. Resonance of Fate is another JRPG that was really good.
Software_Lover  +   419d ago
JRPG's...... what people ask for, but they never buy.

Go figure.
Jreca  +   419d ago
Dat Music. And dat plot twist. The replay value is also special, it makes you want to play more and more as it unveils its darkest secrets...
Chaos_Raiden  +   419d ago
One of the best underrated RPGs. Maybe the graphics and gameplay are not so great, but the story, characters, voice acting, and music are phenomenal.
thirtyandnerdy  +   419d ago
I love everything about this game (ok, except for some of the pointlessly bs fetch quests) and wish more people would give it a chance. Ya know, sink more than one or two hours into it before saying, "meh". It's got amazing music, great characters, tons of gameplay variety, some of best combat ever (especially when you gain some of the later spells in the game), a deep and meaningful plot, serious replay value, and some of the most badass cutscenes ever outside of, say, a MGS title. Sink a handful of hours into it and at least get to some of the bullet-hell-inspired segments-- Nier does not disappoint. =)
NoTheMama  +   419d ago
I sold my 360 and games recently, but kept Nier. One of the saddest, most depressing games ive ever played.....And I love it to death.
The characters, the voice acting, the story, the music, the gameplay are amazing to me.
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