Cult Classics – Wheelman

Game Informer - When Wheelman was announced back in 2006, the project was full of promise. It had big star Vin Diesel attached along with his boutique development house Tigon Studios (which also worked on the great The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay). It was tied to a film of the same name and the stories would weave together. Over the years to its 2009 release, however, publisher Midway's financial problems kept getting worse, and the film counterpart never got off the ground (much like Midway's failed attempt to tie a movie to 2006 game Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run). Out of all the turmoil, primary developer Midway Studios - Newcastle somehow managed to turn in a fun popcorn flick of a driving game with ridiculous, yet exciting Hollywood-style action around every turn.

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