David Hayter reacts to upcoming voice actor reveal

Today Konami announced that questions regarding the voice acting of MGSV will finally be answered at their Pre-E3 show on June 6. Many fans are still hoping for David Hayter to reprise the role of Snake, even though many signs point in the direction of there being a new voice actor. However, a new tweet by David Hayter makes matters a little more dubious.

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lnvisibleMan1821d ago

Whatever happens on June 6th, it will be day to remember

-Mika-1821d ago

I hope it not Nolan North. Im so sick of him.

Blastoise1821d ago

Of course it won't be Nolan North -_-'

It's Troy Baker obviously ;)

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BoNeSaW231821d ago Show
Braid1821d ago

There's a gameplay trailer in which Big Boss wakes up from the coma and talks a few lines. It's definitely not Nolan North (seriously?), and it's most probably Kiefer Sutherland- I'm almost sure of that.

On a side note though, Mr. North rocks.

zerocrossing1820d ago

This I will agree with you on.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1821d ago

Is it bad that I'm more interested in Konami's pre-e3 conference thingy than the ps4 and Xbox One conferences?

ThatCanadianGuy5141821d ago

Not at all.Konami had that greatest E3 of all time.Never laughed so hard in my life

Really hope they can top it this year

THamm1821d ago

Yes the KojiPro Pre E3 was the best, I like the focus on these direct feeds rather than the boring announcements on stage


Oh man, I promised myself I would stop watching the E3 2010 Konami Press Conference, but I keep falling for it... Can't stop laughing at the creep guy giving that weird psycho look at his fellow dev's nucha. I thing the guy must have some weird tatto on his neck.

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jmartin3211820d ago

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Batzi1821d ago

Man David Hayter's voice in that trailer and the main theme music of MGS playing in the background would make my decade!

LightSamus1820d ago

"Kept you waitin', huh?"

Batzi1820d ago

I bet that's how he is going to reveal himself.

Mr_Nuts1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Well he better be because I won't see any logic behind Kojimas new vision for the game when he's keeping the Japanese voice actor on and despite wanting to move onto newer things he would decide now of all times to give MGS a "new vision" when this possibly could be his last before we get a new story arc or reboot.

But even if he does get a new voice actor despite these points people won't complain because it's "Kojima"...sorry but when someone is at fault you have to complain. No one is perfect in the industry.

cpayne931821d ago

A lot of people are already complaining, most of us mgs fans are too attached to hayter not to complain.

Mr_Nuts1821d ago

There is people complaining but I know it will be swept under the rug once we see more of MGSV.

"Oh it's Kojima he never fails us"
"Kojima knows what he's doing"
"Don't you know who Kojima is, if he's chose this then it's for good reasons"

and so on

hkgamer1821d ago

Well kojimas vision is probably tied to the mgs movie.

However would be a shame if hayter isn't playing snake

JunkieJedi1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I have a snakey feeling they've finally cast someone in the much delayed movie version and, whoever it is, will be doing the voice in MGSV to try and get the gamers used to it. After which they'll probably announce the movie officially as well.

Nyxus1821d ago

I wouldn't like that reason. The movie should emulate the games, not the other way around.

blind-reaper1821d ago

exactly, not like RE or Silent Hill that exchange stuff between movies and games.

Clover9041821d ago

it happens. Marvel changed Nick Fury in the comics to look similar to Samuel L Jackson from the movies.

Eamon1821d ago

Actually Clover that is incorrect. Nick Fury was changed in the Ultimate Marvel series over a decade ago - even before Samuel's cameo appearance in Iron Man. He agreed for his likeness to be used when Nick Fury's character design was changed.

GdaTyler1821d ago

That post has me suspicious. I really hope Kojima was just trolling and when E3 comes, a new trailer for MGSV is shown when Big Boss says, "Kept you waiting, huh?" in Hayter's voice. Then he comes on stage and laughs maniacally with Kojima. That will make my year O_O

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