Final Bosman: What About Nintendo?

With all the E3 attention going to Sony and Microsoft, Kyle remembers the underdog.

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dedicatedtogamers1821d ago

All three companies will do fine at E3 in terms of hype, megaton announcements, and fanboy wars, but Nintendo (and Sony to a lesser degree, with their Vita) is the one who will be raking in the cash over the next 18 months (and probably beyond). People are arguing about specs and always-online but the real kicker is going to be price. When we find out that Xbox One and PS4 are each 450+, suddenly a $300 Wii-U console (even cheaper, since a price cut is probably on the way) is going to look mighty fine.

-Mika-1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

The starting prices are not going to be 450+ and you're seriously underestimating Sony and MS advertising power.


Until MS and Sony officially announce their prices. Do not make baseless claims.

dedicatedtogamers1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Yes they are, and advertising isn't everything. 360 and PS3 (not including the 360 Arcade) are each $300. While they'll both likely get a price drop between now and the holiday, the PS4 and Xbox One are using brand-new hardware. Xbox One (and possibly PS4) comes bundled with Kinect 2.0, which adds an extra $100 to the price tag.

At best, you can hope for a subscription deal where the Xbox One is $400 if you also contract for 2 years of Live.

deafdani1821d ago

LOL @ Mika telling someone not to make baseless claims. If you practiced what you preach, you wouldn't say anything. Ever.

jcnba281821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

The Nintendo haters are not gonna like this video lol

Clover9041821d ago

Best show on Gametrailers!

bitboi1821d ago


Clover9041821d ago

If you agree then hook a brother up with some bubble love :)

linkenski1820d ago

Yes, screw bonus round! I'm tired of Geoff Keighley and press celebs.

Apex131820d ago

And even with all the facts and figures idiots will still not get it or understand and say Nintendo have fallen off and they should go mobile etc.

Mario Kart sold more than every Halo game COMBINED!!! lol

xxchicago33xx1820d ago

Nintendo wins with ffvi remake...I can dream