SSR EP36: The Xbox One & Microsoft's Mixed Messaging

+Ryse/Kingdoms, a historic Rare franchise (Battletoads?) and Destiny

+No self publishing on Xbox One has us concerned

+Microsoft's terrible mixed messaging

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Eyesoffiction2023d ago

Microsoft has kinda burned me, i want to purchase this console but won't if i am unable to play offline for long periods of time.

Boody-Bandit2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

It's not the messaging.
It's the message.

There is no way to sugar coat what gamers don't want when it comes to unnecessary restrictions and fees. Nor do most of those same gamers want to hear that you made architecture choices to make a more efficient multimedia device, that has nothing to do with gaming, instead of building the best gaming console you were capable of building.

It's the message.

MysticStrummer2023d ago

Yeah I don't think the message is mixed at all. The design of the One goes perfectly with what we saw at it's reveal.

PS4OUR2023d ago

They don't have a focus on a single thing. They are trying to be everything and anything to the consumer and that can't be good. Xbox started as a games console and will be forever recognised as a game console and gaming is what they should have focused on at their reveal.
Being a jack of all trades has its cost.

BABYLEG2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

The the thing is the jack of all trades has one quality that others don't. Versatility and the uncanny ability to be very good at something. MS hasn't even showed their hand yet? What if all Sony has to release this year was what they showed at their reveal plus some third party games. No standouts. Very simple, you have a powerful game system with a controller like you've always wanted. Then MS, at this E3 have to show us what Kinect is capable of and show us it works great. I enjoyed the first Kinect and I know there's potential in it despite what people say. I think Microsoft just has to say "we have to prove people wrong with Kinect"

I think its a very useful piece of tech. Imagine if you can use it as surveillance for your home through an app.

cant wait until Kinect can control my air conditioner

GotEnder2023d ago

"I think its a very useful piece of tech. Imagine if you can use it as surveillance for your home through an app." smh.

aliengmr2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Having no preference for either console, if I had to choose one I would (for the first time) easily go with Sony.

I guess I just expected the Xbox 1 (which is a really stupid name IMO) reveal to be on par with the PS4 and equally forgettable for me. But alas MS actually did so bad it helped Sony's PR.

Just to be clear, when I say "forgettable", I mean that personally I couldn't care less about the any console.

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