Zero Continues: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

The amount of tremendous shooters that are available on the Xbox 360 is absolutely astounding. With so many options for gamers to choose from, it'd be easy overlook a game like Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Yet, with some of the best tactical gameplay to be seen since its 2006 predecessor, Vegas 2 still manages to shine amongst today's shooters.

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dannyhinote_133919d ago

Had a good time with the was hard as hell in some spots, though!

Rhezin3919d ago

2 much like the first one, come on change the scenery and story! and graphics!

boom4u3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Uhhh, this game is broke, everyone I've talked to since it came out all say the same thing, they can not connect to games, or stay connected. They assume a patch will fix it, that is if they do patch it, they never patched the first vegas on the PS 3. Save your money, or go buy something else.

Are you serious, a 4/5 rating ? It's BROKE and they haven't even commented on it, How much did they pay you ?

Panthers3918d ago

Im already selling it on Ebay. There are too many problems online and CoD4 is just so much better. Plus, Socom comes out soon.

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