5 Mashups that NEED to happen

"Video game mashups, they’ve happend throughout gaming history and have been fairly successful, Marvel vs. Capcom and Battletoads & Double Dragon come to mind immediately, but they do not seem to have permeated the modern gaming culture. I can really think of two off the top of my head that have come out recently: ”Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics” and “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe”, and neither of those were really “mash-ups” of two similar games, more just, hey lets throw these characters into this format and see what happens. MK vs DCU was so successful and awesome that it actually spawned a DCU fighting game, Injustice, so MK v DCU was retroactively made a mashup."

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Myst2026d ago

Lego Dragonball Z actually sounds rather interesting.

Link2DaFutcha2026d ago

Yeah, that's probably the most possible on this list, and would be a lot of fun, like I honestly can't believe it hasn't happened yet

Dr Pepper2026d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if giant robots were next for Sam Fisher. They've changed just about everything else in the franchise, why not throw in some crazy metal gear stuff... :(

GameReviewGuy2026d ago

Anything with Double Dragon in it I'm all for it! Mash-ups do work, everyone remember Battletoads & Double Dragon, amazing game (And funny as hell)

titletownrelo2026d ago

I have ALWAYS wanted to see a Marvel vs DC fighting game. Hopefully this doesn't start a fanboy argument down below, lol.

TheSuperior 2026d ago

Lego dragon ball z would be amazing... Actually if done right Lego Pokemon could be pretty sweet.

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