One platform: how the Xbox One could change everything at Microsoft

Now that the dust has settled following Microsoft's unveiling of its Xbox One, all that remain are questions over the future of the console and the platform that underpins it. How do used games work? How does the online requirement work? What's the future of indie games? Microsoft isn't focusing on the game-related specifics. Instead, it's outlining its vision for the future of TV and entertainment in an effort to change perceptions of its popular brand. Simply put, Xbox isn't just about gaming anymore; it's a platform Microsoft believes will transform the living room.

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dedicatedtogamers2026d ago

Everything already has changed at Microsoft. It slowly changed as the original Xbox and Xbox 360 leaders left the company (people like Peter Moore, Jeff Bell, J Allard, Ed Fries, Otto Berkes, etc).

By the time Microsoft was rolling out their Kinect initiative, the 360 was in the hands of a completely different team.

NateCole2026d ago

MS have always were focusing on Apple and Google.

What is really weird though is that they are repeating the same mistake they have made with the surface pro with the Xbox one. A jack of all trades but a master of none.

A/V enthusiast will not buy it because it will not be up to their standard. Cable box users will find it too expensive for what is already available. Casual gamers will also find it expensive and they have cheaper current gen consoles, mobile gaming and wii-U as better options so this leave really the hardcore gamers.

Perjoss2026d ago

amazon uk is listing pre orders for the one at £600, this has to be some kind of joke, because that price is way too high.

NateCole2026d ago

It could work or it could completely backfire on them.

The issue i see is that the X1 is not something that consumers are looking or have been needing or wanting. This product is forced and not something that casual or hardcore gamers been wanting.

Casuals were never looking for an all in one home entertainment box. Hardcore a/v fans have not been looking for an all in one home entertainment box. Cable users have not been wanting for and all in one home entertainment box. Hardcore gamers certainly weren't looking for an all in one entertainment box as well.

This is the problem i see with the X1. Basically is not something that the market has been wanting for.

We shall see. My bet is it will still sell well because of the millions MS will pour in advertising and getting celebrities endorsement. It will work for a bit but it will not be a game changer like Kinetic didn't change much as well.

The future for tech is really in mobile. What the market has been looking for is an all in one mobile device. The company that can come up with one and do it well will set the next tech revolution like when Apple first came out with their iPhone smartphone.

Console gaming will still be strong because of the dedicated console gamers so the company that will focus on them will continue to do well. Mobile gaming will never supersede or be able to replace console gaming because console gaming is dedicated to specifically for dedicate gamers. This is where i think MS got it wrong and Sony got it right.

Skate-AK2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Can't really call it X1. That is the name of the Comcast Media Box that they released the same day as the Microsoft conference, but a year prior.

monkeyfox2026d ago

Personally I use my ps3 more for streaming and playing media than i do playing actual games these days. If i could buy a next gen machine that does games, films, music, internet, social media, emails etc then i would buy it and i dont think im alone... Who wants loads of different crap under their TV?

5eriously2026d ago

One question. Where is the Milo technology?

RandomDude6552026d ago

Or scanning in objects to games

GenericNameHere2026d ago

They've done this for the last couple years. I don't really care about Microsoft's BS anymore, and I was SUPER DUPER excited for the X1 reveal too. I believe the 15 exclusive thing was just a thing said because they didn't actually have any games, so they just had to throw it out there to get people hyping up something that's not going to be there. 15 exclusives? More like 15 over promised hypes.

ApolloTheBoss2026d ago

Not even gonna watch it because it's gonna be the same old BS. They had a 3 year streak of disappointing me. What's makes this year any different?

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