Nintendo brings playable E3 game demos to Canadian gamers

In a strange twist, Nintendo is bringing a number of titles that would traditionally only be playable at E3 to Canadian Best Buy locations. Game demos will be playable at 110 Best Buy locations (89 in the United States and 21 in Canada).

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pat_11_51817d ago

I think more developers need to start doings this. It's a cool way to reach your core audience.

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JuleyJules1817d ago

can't wait to check out games right here at best buy!!

KrisButtar1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Nintendo skipped all of the Atlantic Provinces. Looks like I won't be trying anything

pat_11_51817d ago

Apparently they think Atlantic provinces don't matter :(. I'd be pissed if I lived out there.

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