Is This Nazi-Killing Video Game Hero Jewish? Maybe.

Kotaku - In the upcoming, ass-kicking video game Wolfenstein: The New Order, the Polish protagonist B. J. Blazkowicz encounters a gray-haired Nazi officer named Engel. Blazkowicz is undercover, posing as a Nazi underling. The officer compliments Blazkowicz on his Aryan features and then puts him to the test. She says she wants to be sure he has pure blood.

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ANIALATOR1361728d ago

if they're talking about the man in the article pic he doesn't look Jewish. Looks very Faelid looking

SpideySpeakz1728d ago

You don't need to look a certain way to be Jewish.
There are all different races of Jewish people.
A good number of native peoples in Sub-Saharan Africa that are Jewish, and have no blood relationship with the ones in Israel. You'll even find Jews in India.

ANIALATOR1361728d ago

yes but ashkenazi jews tend to have an armenoid phenotype. Certainly anyone can be jewish but I'm thinking more of the communities which would have inhabited Germany during WW2. The people persecuted by the national socialists.

Dr Pepper1728d ago

Most games leave religion out of their stories, not just WW2 games. You could ask "why aren't there more self-identified ___________ in this game" and fill in the blank with any number of belief systems, world views, etc.

Even when it is mentioned, it usually has the player on the outside looking in.

If it is not quintessential to the story of the character, I think game devs will leave it out so that more players can fit into the role, or to apply aspects of themselves onto the character.

WW2 was bigger than just Jewish concentration camps. It was a conflict that spanned the globe, with many regions experiencing different horrors (and also similar ones). There are so many issues that are left out of these types of games, that complaining about jewish concentration camps being left out, or a jewish character is left out from select titles, is being really selective in your complaining. Not saying they shouldn't do a game featuring this specific issue, just that there are a variety of games that leave a lot of topics out.