Science Fiction Arrives Courtesy of Microsoft

Justin Gifford gives SmartGlass a shot and evaluates Microsoft's innovative promises next-generation against Sony and Nintendo's more iterative approach.

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Foliage1998d ago

What the heck; are we letting users post their personal blogs again? It's part of the reason I left months ago.

What kind of bull is this:

"With SmartGlass and the upgraded Kinect along with the slick-and-fits-in-a-glass-and- steel-office design of the One, it seems that Microsoft is innovating"

Kinect came after the Wii; which came after the EyeToy.

Smartglass came after the Wii-U; which came after PSP used with PS3 (heck, you can go further back).

What exactly has Microsoft innovated? Take the fan glassess off; there is a functional world outside the microsoft walls. Heck, you get to experience the same "innovations" many years before waiting for Microsoft.