Challenges Facing The Elder Scrolls Online: Daedric Artifacts

Blaine Smith of Camelot Post writes:

Bethesda will be facing a lot of issues with their upcoming MMO but today we take a look at the potential troubles surrounding The Elder Scrolls Online Daedric Artifacts.

Every long-term fan of The Elder Scrolls franchise is excited to see the latest addition to the Daedric Artifact arsenal and with every new release we see brand new versions of these fabled items. The lore of The Elder Scrolls would not be complete without the inclusion of these items but porting the same effects to the world of the MMO is no easy task.

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Adronicus2027d ago

This seems to kill MMOs if not done correctly.

CaptainCamper2027d ago

But in the same light, a Daedric Artifact is much stronger than crafted items, in some respects anyway. The unique effects and such can't be found elsewhere. Interesting to see how Bethesda will approach it.

Adronicus2027d ago

It will be interesting because the maximizers will always get the best items. If player crafted items aren't highly desired, then it will create distortions in the economic model.

aliengmr2027d ago

I really preferred SWG's crafting system (even though it also had some of these issues) where one could choose a non-combat crafting profession devoted entirely to running a business.

Sometimes I wonder why crafting is even in these types of MMO's.

Adronicus2027d ago

Most of the recent MMOs make crafting a task instead of profession. This seems related to MMOs becoming games instead of worlds like SWG and UO.

I am very interested in Camelot Unchained's promise of only player made items in its economy.