The PS4′s cross-play feature could be awesome

If cross-play makes it to the PS4, the PlayStation Vita might finally have a purpose.

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jujubee881965d ago

So, making cross-buy and cross-play games would (technically) be simple and quick.

LackTrue4K1965d ago

if it is, its a big advantage over any competition xboxOne/Wii U.

PS4OUR1965d ago

That's what went through my mind the first time I heard about cross play. Devs have been singing the praises of VITA and now recently PS4 as being easy to develop games for. There is loads of potential here with cross-play and remote play.
E3 should make it all clear.

SOULJER1965d ago

I've been waiting to use my Vita to it's fullest potential.

Clover9041965d ago

It will be great. PS4 was built from the beginning with crossplay in mind. This is an amazing feature that I plan on taking full advantage of.

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The story is too old to be commented.