Your Xbox is watching you

John Kass: “That’s what really freaks me out,” said my colleague Old School. “It’ll be spying on me, in the dark, when I’m sitting there.”

That’s why Xbox One must die. All the glitzy stuff aside, the danger of Xbox One is that in the hands of an evil genius — or an IRS agent — it could be a spy system.

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Maddens Raiders1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Wow... MSFT better assign someone to hassle *small town reporters* putting out INFORMATION LIKE THIS.

First the XBOXONE pisses off the used snake oil salesman that it brought to the dance in the first place (GAMESTOP) by implementing all the DRM horsecrap and used game restrictions. Now it's in danger of pissing off and alienating the very crowd it relies on to keep it's advertising dollars worthy. They had better not lose the low low info crowd that's fiercely pro-American everything, wants "their" country back, is easily lied to as long you say America like "'Merrica", and that knows everything FOX news says is straight from the Bible itself.

If many low info people begin to believe that MSFT is letting the "guvermint" spy on them through the "xboxes", this circus could be over before it even begins...

1998d ago
Droidbro1998d ago

That was both offtopic and toolish. What the hell are you blathering about?

The_HarryEtTubMan1998d ago

Fanatics like this should be banned to the forums

-Mika-1998d ago

If you honestly think MS is spying on you. Then you need to go see a psychiatrist. You're not anybody important.

Gamer-Z1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Governments spy on their citizens all the time and big corporations like MS spy to gather information on consumer habits to better understand the market. If you think that this doesn't go on especially in today's digital age that we live in then your in denial "Mika".

NameRemoved00171998d ago

Microsoft will take your information and sell it to advertisers.

omi25p1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

You arent that interesting for a multibillion dollar company to spy on you. They would need people to monitor every single person in the world that owns a X1 to see if they say anything remotely important.

They would need to be running a 24/7 365 day ultra server and will constantly be streaming HD kinect footage Directly back to MS secret lair.

They would need people to have perfectly situate X1's set up to get a decent view of the person.

All this for what? To see a gamer in a zombie like trance staring at the screen? Or a family/party flailing there arms around playing kinect?

You arent that important. Don't kid yourself.

Microsoft Boss "So what is user Gamer-Z doing at this very moment?"

Microsoft Employee "Well Sir. They are sat there, playing a game sir. As usual sir"

Microsoft Boss " Excellent, Most Excellent Soon Are plan for WORLD DOMINATION will be Complete Muhahahah!"

Nexgensensation1998d ago

by now I really recommend the good ol fashion gaming consoles or even pc!



XBOX 360!

thwolf941998d ago

How exactly is this going to effect my life? Fuck this thread.

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BitbyDeath1998d ago

MS were already caught spying on Skype users.
Why should Xbone be any different?

HammadTheBeast1998d ago

And, while a much smaller problem, they were using Google searches to "advise" Bing searches.

ziggurcat1998d ago

@ mika:

MS has already been caught for spying on people via skype, so...

shaun mcwayne1998d ago

I think your wrong, we are important. Ms and playstation want us to part with our cash so we are important to them. If Ms can find out all of our likes and dislikes they can find more ways to make us part with more cash. I was thinking of with when I saw the trending thing on X1, I think its the same as the like button on friendface or twatter. To me its like people saying hey this is popular so like it, Gangnam style for example, it seemed like everyone loved it because Freindface and the like told you to even though it was pure junk.

Just one more point I would like to make is if you have a friendface account, dont worry about Ms spying on you. you have probably already given away all your secrets.
Sorry for the rant.

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They were already accused of spying on skype calls, how you people think this would be any different is beyond me...

NateCole1998d ago

I got this feeling somebody is watching me.

Typical-Guy1998d ago

Imagine if it winked at you :-)

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