Filling World of Warcraft’s boots: Why Blizzard had to delay Titan

World of Warcraft is the world’s most lucrative subscription-based massively multiplayer online game. Its 8 million subscribers all pay a monthly fee to play WOW, and that generates a significant amount of revenue for publisher Activision Blizzard. This reliable source of income is slowly starting to dissolve, however, and now Blizzard might not have anything ready to take its place.

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kostchtchie_1998d ago

Jay Wilson, he needs time to fuck up this game also, probably adding the real auction house to the game, so they need rebuild it from the ground up

NioRide1998d ago

I'm kinda happy they delayed it, just more time to put more effort into fixing anything that could be wrong.

adorie1998d ago

No more MMO's for me. Good luck with Titan Blizz, you're going to need it.

SJPFTW1998d ago

As a former WOW player back when WOW was at its peak (2007 -2012) I think its time WOW goes Free 2 Play. They can make money through microtranactions, selling vanity items such as mounts and pets (please no 'pay 2 win'). Do this and they can attract both new and old players, and get much more people excited for Titan.

NioRide1998d ago

The problem is they wouldn't, As soon as they said free to play, the large majority of players. Those being end game and PVP players would all quit out.

What would be the point of playing a MMO when the end game can just be purchased and the PVP gear can be bought to compete with the top tier items.

Its exactly why other MMO's don't get a following, people don't like it when instead of having to work for a item you can simply buy it.

CheexInk1998d ago

I don't think you understand that just because a game has micro-transactions doesn't mean there's a pricetag on every single item in the game. Every F2P game is different and has to be judged on what they've decided to allow players to buy.

NioRide1998d ago

No, you seem to be the one not understanding.

currently there are 8 Billion subscribers to WoW, Many of those subs are people who are end game or end PVP. You remove the subscription fee and add in even basic items like mounts and costums for profit, no one will buy them. Its pointless to those people.

If you try and pull people into the end game of PVE or PVP with purchased items then you will lose the core group. once that happens you start to lose players.

There is a reason all of these free to play, pay to win games have such small user bases.

There isn't a free-to-play game right now with 1 million active players.

Many of them have a selection smaller than 500k.

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