Is the Xbox One a Covert Surveillance Device?

When details about Microsoft’s new games console, the Xbox One, first began to emerge, privacy campaigners were immediately concerned: is the Xbox One an intrusive but covert surveillance device?

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FrigidDARKNESS1973d ago

Already posted and has been debunked.

Haules1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Xbox one is mainly for Surveillance purpose....

Just think about it, u need to be "online" to play games... Kinect 2 will be on, mic will always be on when u play a game. watch a movie/ listen to music etc...

elhebbo161973d ago

every smart phone is a surveillance device.

adorie1972d ago

they have yet to touch the smartshoe as seen here by Maxwell Smart. :D

Haules1972d ago

U can disconnect your smart phone from the internet and still use it and no surveillance. While xbox one you always need to be online while you play a game or watch a movie.

famoussasjohn1972d ago

It could still be tracked by the signal on the phone from the carrier. Data isn't required.

hellvaguy1972d ago

And every laptop is spying on you too since that webcam is always on.

DivineAssault 1973d ago

It can probably be used as one.. Im sure if the feds were looking for someone & needed to hack in, they could..

pompombrum1972d ago

Is it a surveillance device? No it isn't but can it potentially be abused to be used as one? That's the real question and potential problem.

Roccetarius1972d ago

Since Microsoft did it with Skype, you can be damn sure that they'll do it with Kinect as well.

IcicleTrepan1972d ago

Did you actually read an article about the so called Skype controversy?

cleft51972d ago

Exactly, I can see some very smart people figuring out a way of manipulating this device and turning it into a surveillance device. Camera signals can already be intercepted and patched into, the same is true for audio frequency, so it wouldn't surprise me if some devious person third out how to add a third party device that turned this into a monitoring device. That possibility is what bothers me the most about the Xbox One.

Jdoki1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

What's covert about it?

The mic is always on. The camera can be switched off (but that implies by default it will be on).

There are some questions MS will need to answer about what data it collects (in the same way Google and Apple have had to answer for how their voice control processing works). I'm sure privacy advocates will be concerned about what MS are going to do with the data it collects.

Privacy is being eroded by policies and legislation put through by governments world wide. The XBOne can record audio and video, so could be used to transmit that data somewhere. Will they? Who knows at this stage.

How big a deal this is will depend on the individual. But any nation that acts like sheep in the face of BS like TSA pat downs and nude scanners probably won't care.

drizzom1972d ago


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