First direct-feed Persona 4 screenshots

Famitsu have released the first batch of direct-feed Persona 4 screenshots.

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Darkiewonder3922d ago

The series is awesome. and from P3 to P4 there has been changes. visuals look much better! Can't wait!

Skerj3922d ago

I swear that dude is Mamoru, but damn the style this game has edges out even over P3. My greatest hope is that they fixed the loading issues, I'm also glad to see the shadows are back hah.

ZackFair3922d ago

Can't wait for this game.

RecSpec3922d ago

Whoa, that looks nice!

Reibooi3922d ago

Some of the characters looks like characters from P3 and some look like combo's of characters from P3. It looks great and I can't wait I hope this gets a quick stateside release and that we don't have to wait awhile for it.

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