These Are The Last of Us’ Trophies

IGN:Want to see the Trophy roster for The Last of Us? Okay, fine. We'll show you.

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Lockon1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Not looking at anything. I'm not getting spoiled.

firelogic1730d ago

No spoilers. Zero story-related trophies other than the beat the game on easy, hard, new game plus, etc.

DoomeDx1730d ago

Some trophies look bloody intresting..]

Considering these are Singplayer trophies.. I wonder what this is.

Populace - Build your clan to 40 people in Factions.

Knowing the Basics - Win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in Find Match.

firelogic1730d ago

It's the entire trophy list. There's 2 MP related ones already there (bronze).

The game only has 24 trophies but it has way more silvers and golds than the average game to make up for it.

DoomeDx1730d ago

Well..It sounds like cooperative gamemodes. Which is no suprise. TLOU is not designed to have deathmatches. Cooperative gamemodes seem like a great fit. The coop was awesome with the Uncharted series

Fil1011730d ago

Hmmmm i'm not quite convinced this is the full trophy list, I might be wrong but 24 trophys seems abit lame for a game of this magnitude.

CrustifiedDibbs1730d ago

Maybe there are more secret trophies dealing with the story that would be spoilers if put on the article. 24 def seems a little short.

DigitalRaptor1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

How do you know it's the entire list?

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't only include 24, but if so, it makes no difference to me. I play for the experience, not the trophies. I'll be glad if there aren't many MP trophies.

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DoomeDx1730d ago

^ How about you guys READ the article instead of just the list? They said that these are not all of them. MP trophies are coming soon

firelogic1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

How about you read the article? It says that there are MP trophies. Right there it says it in the last line. And by golly when you read through the list, it does indeed have MP trophies. Two of them in fact. And if you needed any more clarification read this:

Outside_ofthe_Box1730d ago

Yeah the populace one is interesting.

plaZeHD1730d ago

This is so awesome the game has RPG elements
"Engage in all optional conversations"

monkey6021730d ago

Only 2, Much like the Uncharted lists just to get some people to at least try the multiplayer

IIC0mPLeXII1730d ago

Tacked on to combat used game sales, no thanks.

HammadTheBeast1730d ago

What? How?

Who cares about trophies anyways lol

ltachiUchiha1730d ago

Fu** that im not reading any comments. Thanx ign for spoiling sh**.

famoussasjohn1730d ago

Thankfully there's no spoilers in the trophies. Mostly about completing the game on certain difficulties. You're fine. :P I was worried too until firelogic said it was fine.

ltachiUchiha1730d ago

Sweet i was about to say. I just dont want to know any goodies but thanx for the info. =]

UnSelf1730d ago

you shouldve used ur sharigan to see if there were any spoilers

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