Why Own a 3DS If You Have an iPad or Smartphone?

As tablets and smartphones become more and more prevalent in the world today, they have gained more and more ground in the gaming industry, with editions of Command and Conquer, Civilization and World of Goo being released for mobile devices. These gaming properties, amongst others, combined with the capabilities of phones and tablets that mobile gaming consoles just cannot replicate, make it unreasonable for someone to own a Nintendo 3DS if they have a tablet or smartphone.

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mtorino1998d ago

I didn't even bother to mention the PS Vita/PSP due to their respective irrelevance

Snookies121998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Hahahaha, oh wow... Can't even find the words to comment on this. I find this article irrelevant, so I shall not even give it a click. It's fine to have an opinion, but acting as if your opinion is the only right one makes you look like an idiot.

fsfsxii1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

As far as i know, the PSP is a JRPG heaven, the Vita is a fighting games fan dream comes true, 3DS on the other hand is a perfect handheld, sure it started slow but look at it now.

Shinobi1001997d ago

Vita is completely irrelevant if you don't care that it's the only way to play Rayman Legends on a handheld PLUS Vita exclusive levels, or the 1st legit FPS EVER in Killzone: Mercenaries, and what may turn out to be the greatest handheld game of all-time in Tearaway

Hicken1997d ago

So, you failed from the start, by thinking that mobile devices are somehow encroaching on the territory of dedicated handhelds, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Second, you failed by thinking the games on mobile devices are anywhere near as good as they are on dedicated consoles.

Third, you failed by equating your own personal preferences and experiences to some industry-wide change.

Hell, my PS3 collects dust, and I'm using it right frickin now. My Vita collects dust just the same, though I clean it off more often. The laptop I'm using this very moment? Super dusty.

Seriously, you failed from the start and just continued on down a path of disaster.

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mtorino1998d ago

I haven't been the biggest fan of pokemon lately, seems like they could do a way better job w/ graphics and innovation, but they stick to the same basic formula we had in 1995

1998d ago
Shinobi1001997d ago

I ain't ever been into Pokemon. But Pokemon X/Y is bringin it into this gen with full 3D graphics so I'll keep it on my radar

animegamingnerd1997d ago

i rather take my pokemon over any game on the ipad

AdvanceWarsSgt1997d ago

I can play Fire Emblem: Awakening on Apple devices? Advance Wars? None of Intelligent Systems games?

Apple devices are inferior then.

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