Pachter: Both the PS4 and Xbox One will 'sell out' at launch

GameZone writes, "Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter is confident the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will both "sell out" at launch, regardless of the amount of skepticism surrounding the next-gen consoles and their ability -- or inability -- to play used games without some sort of restriction. Surely, this is good news for all involved, many whom are hoping the new consoles will help resuscitate a slumping game industry."

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brbobcat1973d ago

Depends on the price. If any of them are over $400, I can see people having a hard time spending that cash.. especially with DRM

Godmars2901973d ago

Screw price at launch: people are going to buy them simply because they're new. Because some will believe that they can resell them for twice or more the price because that's what happened before.

This is just Pachter stating the obvious.

NewMonday1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

"Pachter estimates that consumers can expect to pay around $399 for the Xbox One and about $349 for the PS4"

PS4 at a lower price than XB1?!

as if we don't have enough reason already

Godmars2901973d ago


Expecting MS to offer subscription deals, probably through cable companies, to lower XB1's price.

UNGR1973d ago

I remember a my brothers friend picking up 6 360's at launch and selling them on Ebay for 2 grand each, keeping one for himself. I feel bad for those guys if they ended up getting a RROD. PS4, and X1 will most likely have the same scenario with them being sold at crazy prices. Got my PS4 pre-ordered, now I gotta wait for the X1 to go up for pre-order.

kreate1973d ago

Look what happened to the wii-u.

Ppl bought it just to resell than ended up returning it cuz the profit margin was too low.

animegamingnerd1973d ago

just because they are new does not mean they will sell out look at the 3DS, vita, and Wii U all new consoles and at launch i saw a lot of them in stock

ginsunuva1973d ago


No way, Ps4 will probably be around $440 while X1 is $400

Blackdeath_6631973d ago

@[email protected]
why is everyone assuming the ps4 will be more expensive at launch than the xbox one? surely kinect being bundled with every xbox one would increase the price right?

Godmars2901973d ago

Because Sony's using higher-end parts on their console? Though again their camera's likely cheaper than Kinect.

BattleAxe1973d ago

Now Pachter 'really' doesn't know what he's talking about. Hasn't he heard?...Xbox Done

Oh_Yeah1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I don't see why PS4 can't be cheaper than xbox one. You have to add on 60$ for live and the price for kinect. And Sony usually takes an initial loss on their consoles.

Godmars2901973d ago

The XBL subscription argument didn't work with the 360, don't see how it will work with Xb1.

Though that was the main reason I didn't buy it.

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OlgerO1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

It would have been great for gaming if the consoles would sell out. But since we all know that he has never been right in any prediction, things are not looking good.

Darrius Cole1973d ago

Hey man, that's not right. Pachter was right once before.

HyperBear1973d ago

I'm pretty sure if DRM (Death Ray Manta) came bundled, I don't think people would have a hard time with that. Or we're you talking about something else.....:D

scofios1973d ago

people buy phones for over 500$.
Early adopters will buy the PS4 and Xbox1 regardless.
of the price tag.

BLow1973d ago

I'll give you a bubble for pointing this out. $500 for something that your going to spend THOUSANDS of hours on for the next 5 to 8 years and maybe even longer=Ripoff....haha people are funny. New iPhone coming out next week...line stretches for 3 miles....funny how the world works.

marinelife91973d ago

Michael Pachter = Captain Obvious

dedicatedtogamers1973d ago

Even the Wii-U (and the Vita, at least in Europe and Japan) sold out at launch. I don't think that's the point.

What we need to see is steady, respectable sales 3-6 months after the console launches.

Darrius Cole1973d ago

They all sell out at launch because there are not enough of them to go around. However, over that following year the PS4 is going to sell a lot faster unless Microsoft drops all the DRM/Ban used games stuff. And if the PS4 is cheaper than the XBone.....

PlayStation_41973d ago

Smartphones are £599, yet people can't justify spending more than £325 for a gaming console.

What is wrong with people?

Krosis1973d ago

Most get them at $0 with a plan or cheap . Consoles cost that up front and that's not including extra controllers and games/accessories. Plus phones are more of a necessity (seemingly). But you're right , if people are serious they will get one.

waltercross1972d ago

I think he means the people who actually pay that much on a Phone, not the ones who get it in some kind of deal.

iamtehpwn1973d ago

"Pachter estimates that consumers can expect to pay around $399 for the Xbox One and about $349 for the PS4"

If that's the case, the PS4 will dominate. More powerful and $50 cheaper? Sony's got it in the bag.

rainslacker1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I'm skeptical of them being cheaper. I predict the same price, or PS4 being more expensive, but they could bundle a game in it to offset that cost.

I say this just because of the way the 360 was marketed with a cheap alternative to go up against he PS2 which was still popular at the time.

Godmars2901973d ago

Sony would need to show superior titles at E3 then advertise them.

solidt121973d ago

They bought PS3's at $599. I think they will sell out regardless. I'm buying two PS4's.

Tonester9251973d ago

Is he like the Gaming Jesus or something. It's like everything he says becomes an article. Of course they're both going to sell out a launch

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FrigidDARKNESS1973d ago

Very tue its going to be a nightmare this holiday season at retail stores with massive crowds.

NameRemoved00171973d ago

Preorder online and avoid the crowd of helpless sheep.

Excalibur1973d ago

Thank you Captain Obvious....

NameRemoved00171973d ago

There will also be Valves Pc-console hybrids later this year, everyone keeps forgetting about that.

CaEsAr-1973d ago

Yeah, a $1000 console is surely a strong competitor. And that's just a starting price.

papashango1973d ago

you are talking about the piston?

you mean the steambox Valve spoke out against because of the price?


StockpileTom1973d ago

If I wanted that I would probably just go with a PC with a MicroATX Slim case... oh wait I do want that, that's why I already ordered the parts for it.

Seriously though consoles aren't going anywhere I like the standardized specifications of them in a development sense. Sony allowing self publishing... that's a plus too!

CaEsAr-1973d ago

Captain obvious strikes again.

Roper3161973d ago

at least Patch will finally be right about something.