Bungie’s DESTINY To Be Playable On PS Vita With Mandatory Remote Play Update?

With recent rumors which were debunked by Bungie involving the developers upcoming title DESTINY as a playable experience also coming to the PS Vita, now it seems there might have been some truth this with the latest update from Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida who has confirmed that all PS4 titles will be mandatory Remote play offerings for the PS Vita.

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PlayStation_41692d ago

Seems likely, I highly doubt that it will use the PS Eye

SandWitch1692d ago

Most likely, but I wonder how controls will be mapped on the VITA

porkChop1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Exact same as on PS4/PS3. The 2 extra triggers and L3/R3 will be mapped to the 4 corners of the rear touchpad. The touchpad on the front of the DualShock 4 will be mapped to the Vita's touchscreen. It'll work perfectly fine. And the Vita has Sixaxis motion controls built in, so if the game uses that on PS4 it'll work just fine on the Vita as well.

tubers1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I hope Sony's smart enough for a fully featured VITA Button Remap APP..

It also needs to be able to create and customize virtual buttons both on the front and back pad.. (creating dead zones are a bonus)

I am confident that plenty won't be too comfortable with the default VITA layout for RP.

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The story is too old to be commented.