Look Out Microsoft, Comcast Has Had Its Own X1 For A Year

"Last week was all about Microsoft and its new console, the Xbox One. We missed a big story, though. Comcast stepped up to the plate on the very same day with a new video for its own media monster. Meet… the X1." — Mike Futter, GameInformer

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Godmars2901876d ago

Confusion. Especially if they get Comcast to advertise the Xb1.

Outside_ofthe_Box1876d ago

Looks like I cant use the X1 abbreviation for the Xbox One anymore.

Saigon1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )


I just saw the commercial.

Insomnia_841876d ago ShowReplies(3)
Maddens Raiders1876d ago

I've never seen a company of MSFT's caliber make so many boneheaded missteps in such a short period of time. I'm simply mindblown by the lack of preparation and lack of awareness when it comes to your target audience and their expectations.

Oh well, with that said this year's E3 is going down as one of, if not the biggest of all time, sans any surprise videos from GG. :)

DaThreats1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

LOL, new Xbox one totally new huh, watch these other new cable boxes pretty much do alot of the same things.

ltachiUchiha1876d ago

Lol it looks like microsoft was a year late to the cable party.

andibandit1876d ago

At least XBone will still get that dog and other rocket level science stuff, like fish AI

Pl4sm41876d ago

fish ai no bloddy way .. THEY MOVE OUT OF THE WAY D: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao *mind blown*

TXIDarkAvenger1875d ago

It ain't next gen if there isn't fish AI.

Belking1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

lol..this is too funny. Nice try though. Samsung was doing it before they were....and it goes on and on. Xbox-one is the only one that's really affordable though. NG4 at it's best again.

Saints941876d ago

But... IT'S TEH ROCKIT SCIENCE! How can anyone have this?

psyxon1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )


It's is short for it is or it has. This is a 100% rule. It cannot be used for anything else. If you cannot expand it's to it is or it has, then it is wrong.

Its is like his and her.
His is used for masculine things. (These are his pies.)
Her is used for feminine things. (These are her flowers.)
Its is used for neuter things. (These are its footprints.)

@Saints94 lol. wasn't even to you, but okay!

Saints941876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Apologies, I'm new and this bubble thing gets kinda confusing with quotes.

theWB271876d ago

It's always a bit douchey to correct punctuation on teh internetz influxity (which is a made up word in itself)

Excalibur1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

More proof that M$ is not an innovator they are an Imitator...

Belking1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Just like sony invented the home console

@Godmars290 below

Not all by themselves but of course you guys here actually believe that. They din't double the market. That honor goes to nintendo. Sony bullied Nintendo and sega back in the day and now the tables have turned on them.

They can't bully anyone anymore because they have less money as a result of their arrogance. That's goes for games as well as other areas. They aren't no.1 in anything anymore and they let a software company com in and take away the biggest game market from them with only their second console.

Godmars2901876d ago

Just like they doubled the market you mean.

No, they didn't create the market. What they did was mature it when it needed to be matured.

Mikeyy1876d ago


First of all SONY was developing hardware for Nintendo, before Ninty tried to backstab them and cut them out of the console, SONY decided to give it a shot and tossed their console onto the market. The rest is history.

May I ask, why Microsoft is here?

ChozenWoan1875d ago

Microsoft was working with Sega when word leaked out about MS working on a console. They figured why not and told Sega to suck it, which is when Sega released the last console they had designed known as the DreamCast, but it was too late.

The excitement over a possible MS console meant that a lot of gamers waited to see what MS was bringing to the table. Add to that the fact that the PS1 was selling like hotcakes, and Sega's bad reputation of lacking support/confidence in it's previous consoles effectively sealed the fate of the DC.

I miss the Sega of the Master System/Genesis days. =(

theWB271876d ago


Microsoft has done more for home computers than Sony has done for consoles...

Sony tried to innovate this gen with Cell and look what happened...they duplicated and went the way most others develop consoles with PS4. Crazy how tech works...

showtimefolks1876d ago


double the market?


yes cell was a mistake no doubt but looking at exclusives i say it was worth it, and now they have GDDR5 while MS have GDDR3, i know nothing about Ram but i am told its a huge difference

let's see, easy to develop for consoles is the way it should be, we shouldn't have to suffer slyrim,fallout new vegas on ps3 when we pay the same price

so while cell did some things right, it was just too difficult

Godmars2901876d ago

Yes. Doubled the market, at least.

And yes, if it wasn't for Nintendo hiring them for a CD add on for the SNES then both of them screwing the other over repeatedly there wouldn't be a PS1. But if Nintendo had been left to its own devices they'd still be using carts and MS would be be coming at gaming more from a Steambox or AppleTV direction.

After someone else came up with the idea.

Clarence1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

M$ stole its OS from Apple.
Then tried to monoplies the market
Why do you think all the new versions of windows are $h!t.

M$ tries to buy every company that comes up with something new.

gano1875d ago


Slow people are sumthing else.
you got disagreed off of pure truth.
They so stupid they didn't even know they made a movie of this.
Yet still support a non gaming company who got their start
from stealing someone else shyt.

Freedomland1875d ago


Like you are gonna see Blu-ray after half a decade in X1.

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Dlacy13g1876d ago

@Excalibur... clearly you don't know what you speak of but you keep on thinking that.

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