Gaming Age: The Sims 3 Preview

Gaming Age writes: "The Sims franchise has long been recognized for its appeal to a universal audience, both male and female, and at any age. Its broad appeal and loyal The Sims community has vaulted the franchise to an impressive 98 million games sold around the world and translated into 22 different languages. Celebrated for its creativity, humor, and community, The Sims franchise has become a global and cultural phenomenon since its inception in 2000.

Now, The Sims 3 is being designed to be the next-generation flagship game from The Sims Label."

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Lotto3554d ago

it looks like the sims 2

Diabloz3554d ago

I can't wait for this game.

PS3rd3554d ago

of game i love. I remember when i first bought the sims 2 on that old POS pc i used to have and it still played like a dream. lol.

iAmPS33554d ago

It's gonna be ALMOST as good as HOME