Can Diablo III survive the transition to consoles? | EDGE

EDGE: "Some games are defined by their control schemes. Diablo belongs under the control of a mouse, just as Street Fighter is at home on an arcade stick and Angry Birds is best suited to a touchscreen. When Diablo III debuted for PC and Mac last year, the Edge office was drowned in a cacophony of clicking. Click to move your chosen hero until he’s in position. Click to attack until all the demons are gone, and then click some more to pick up all the shiny loot your fallen foes have left behind. Diablo III, then, is defined by the click of a mouse; if you play it on a gamepad, is it still the same game?"

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Snookies122027d ago

Well it'll certainly be better in regards to not HAVING to be online as well as none of that real money auction house BS.