Ubisoft E3 Video Teases Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, And Much More

MP1st - Today, Ubisoft released a teaser live action video, revealing what they may possibly be bringing to this year's E3.

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pedrof931823d ago

That statue of Connor is just :D

ANIALATOR1361823d ago

sooo...Ubisoft are bringing the dogs too?

o-Sunny-o1823d ago

Xbox One will have Watch Dogs literally still makes me laugh. ^~^

SpinalRemains1823d ago

All fantasy stems from reality

esemce1823d ago

I can see the Xbox One being on Watchdog in the future:

MYSTERIO3601823d ago

Hope they show South park, Rainbow six patriots and Beyond good and evil 2.

andrewer1823d ago

wow yeah I had completely forgotten about Beyond Good and Evil 2 haha, hope they show it indeed :)

mike32UK1823d ago

At first i thought the globe paper weight on his desk was a PS9 :')

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