The Daily Five: Ways Sony Can Tank the PlayStation 4 Momentum

Stealthy Box writes "On May 21st Microsoft revealed the Xbox One for the first time and it was met with disappointment and followed by over a week of strong criticism due to some of Microsoft's unclear features. Sony on the other hand has received a lot of praise following its February presentation, but the console manufacturer didn't touch base on a lot of the things people are complaining about when it comes to Xbox One. At E3 2013 in June it's likely that a lot of these questions will be answered, but some questions will still remain."

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Infamouskat1999d ago

To keep the momentum all Sony needs to do is keep a focus on games like they are now and gamers will be happy.

BABYLEG1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

The console doesn't do anything but play games.. If I wanted a machine like that, I would buy an N64

edit: that's still not enough. I want more options that they dont seem to be providing me. I'm not trolling btw, I just want people to answer questions they try to hide... Like the fact that I still have to install videos or games even after I downloaded it already.. That's draconian if I've ever seen it

dennett3161999d ago

I know "you be trollin'" as the kids say, but I'll answer you anyway. It still plays movies, will still have Netflix and whatever other video on demand service you need (which many people use rather than watch live TV), will do Skype calls and whatever else (it does have a camera attachment after all).
No, it does more than just play games, it's simply that the games are (so far) the primary focus of the machine.

cooperdnizzle1998d ago

Yea dude, you are a Xbox fanboy. So i would say your opinion really doesn't matter. And as to your question, you obviously don't know anything about the ps4. If you really want to be informed go read it yourself! Xbox fanboys are the worst!

RandomDude6551999d ago ShowReplies(1)
TesMgsFan1999d ago

Sony just need to go back to ps1 and ps2 era and the games will be focused like how it was back then :D

punisher991999d ago

Unfortunately, those days are over. Developers and publishers are too spoiled and greedy. Things like xbl online fees, motion controls, DLC, and Call Of Duty has ruined the gaming industry.

Errefus1999d ago

Games should be first always to keep up the momentum, then they can talk about media features etc... 12 more days

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