Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 – A Comparison

With all of the talk of the new Xbox One console set to launch later this year, there is some discussion as to what the PlayStation 4 will bring to the table, as well. Microsoft and Sony have been in competition with one another since their first-generation consoles, and nothing looks to be changing with the latest high-tech models as far as this is concerned.

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Narutone661880d ago

The article is a little bias since it's a blog for xbox1.

Enemy1879d ago

I like how they left out the PS4's GDDR5 RAM, and the fact that only 5GB of DDR3 RAM will be used on games for Xbox One.

xHeavYx1879d ago

How sad, Xbot fanboys don't know what to do anymore. This guy makes it sound like the PS4 reveal was crap, and doesn't go into details about the Xbox reveal (I wonder why)
I love the last part though "Sony’s PlayStation 4 offering will focus on the social aspects of gaming, but Microsoft’s Xbox One will focus more on newer technologies such as Smart-TV capabilities, voice controls, exclusive content and more" Please, Xbox will focus on everything except games

GamersRulz1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

it's funny to watch xbox fans try so hard to conceal the truth.

They are trying to convince the masses that X1=PS4 because they share the same x86 architecture and have 8Gb of RAM.

well, 1976 PC have x86 architecture, does that mean it's equal to X1?

also a Ferrari has four wheels just like Ford Focus, does that mean they are equal?

also PS4 has GDDR5 RAM which is much better than slow DDR3 in X1. even if PS4 launched with only 4Gb of GDDR5 it would still have an advantage to X1 8Gb of DDR3.

Xbox fans WW is in total denial state right now. I feel bad for them.

Enemy1879d ago

Too much good info in this post, man. I'm gonna have to disagree with you. (lol)

+ bub

RIP_Weazel1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

This is just awful. So much hyperbole and spin!!
Out the window with you objectivity! You're not needed round these parts!

DoomeDx1879d ago

"Microsoft and Sony have been in competition with one another since their first-generation consoles,"

I didnt know the xbox came out with the PSX?

sashimi1879d ago

I didn't know Ps2 had competition lol.

Minato-Namikaze1879d ago

lmao, it was there....not much... but it was there.

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