Ubisoft Is Apparently Developing A Racing Game To Rival Forza And Gran Turismo

Various French websites are reporting that Ubisoft is busy developing a new racer called The Crew. The game is thought to be a driving simulator being developed by Ubisoft’s Reflection’s Studio and is said to rival both Forza and Gran Turismo. The game is apparently in development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will also come to current generation consoles. Ubisoft is expected to show off The Crew at E3 next month.

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ltachiUchiha2027d ago

Goodluck to them & they better bring it if they want to compete with the big boys plus u got drive club. Should be interesting.

LOL_WUT2027d ago

Agreed there's also that one game project cars that's supposed to be good but we'll see ;)

ltachiUchiha2027d ago

Yeah there is alot of competition out there. The more the better for us all.

Foliage2026d ago

They might be able to compete with the race-like Forza franchise; but they are many years of research and talent off from competing with Gran Turismo on a real simulation game.

Dee_912026d ago

The more racing games the merrier :)

Aceman182027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Color me intrigued, let's see what ubisoft can bring to the racing genre.

There should be a way that one bubble ppl shouldn't be allowed to comment at all. I think ppl here know who I'm talking about.

MajorLazer2027d ago

Nice. Competition is always welcome :)

Ck1x2027d ago

The other games have definitely earned their props, but Drive Club not so much! Polyphony is in the league of Naughty Dog when it comes to their caliber of games but you just can't say that about every developer simply because they are familiar with a genre of games. I say this about any developer, not just ones particullar to Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo... Until they reach that status of greatness that everything they touch turns to gold, most of developers get a wait and see on their games.

herbs2026d ago

Completely agree Drive Club didn't look any better graphically than GT5 or Forza 4 and if you really think that it did you need to take off your fanboy googles.

elhebbo162026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

@herb what you mean drive club doesnt look any better than GT5? have you seen the trailer and the confrence demo? The attention to detail and lighting is just incredible. GT6 got its car physic simulation going for it but graphically its no better than GT5, except for some tweaks here and there.

darthawesome902026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Good luck Ubisoft.

I love Forza but I'm not going to get an Xbox. Gran Turismo is great but it really needs a User Interface redesign.

Competition is always welcome, especially when almost every game is a FPS. Great move by Ubisoft as the last thing I would call the racing genre this gen is crowded (or an other non FPS genre for that matter).

scofios2026d ago

They diden't succeed the last time they try to rival other games , ace combat with Hawx and PES and FIFA with Pure football

Retroman2026d ago

and i thought DRIVECLUB and PRPJECT CARS was the next best thing competing with GT. now "The Crew"???
why not slap on need for speed RIVAL i know it's not a simulator racing game. but hell to many racing games poping up these days.

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Iceman_Nightmare2027d ago

This is good news! More racing games, I felt like there was a lack of racing games this generation... Need For Speed sucked this generation, and the future of racing games looks bright with this coming, DriveClub, Forza 5, and GranTurismo 6. Need For Speed Rivals I will not set my hopes up to be disappointed again, even though its a complete new set of developers working in a new team known as Ghost.

Retroman2026d ago

yeah,dude RIVAL do not look promising. the disappointing part is the fact anyone can "JUMP" in your gameplay and win your race. or as a cop throw spike strips and helicopter assist hinder your game with direct drive crap.
when will these developers learn all we want is a simple NFS from point a to point b

Iceman_Nightmare2026d ago

"NFS from point a to point b" that was Need For Speed: The Run my friend... but I think I understand what you mean, a chilled out experience without too much happening kinda like NFS UNDERGROUND, or MOST WANTED 2005..

MattMawko2027d ago

It be cool if they made a game kinda like full Auto on the Xbox360. Now that was fun!

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