What will Sony have at E3?

Sony unveiled the next Playstation at their February 20th event and they showed a lot of content in the two hour conference but it left gamers wondering what they could have to show at E3. Many didn’t believe that Sony would show so much, therefore ,what could they have for E3? They have a lot more for E3.

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Godmars2902028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Games over three systems, examples of motion control, a release date and price, as well as possibly more of a stated agenda in regards to standard media support.

Things I'm hoping for in no real order:

- The return of JRPGs/turn based mechanics to main consoles.
- Comment towards an easy replaceable/upgradable HDD.
- A GoogleTV or like app.
- The return of "B" gaming to main consoles and physical media.
- Some statements in regards to PS HOME. Given that they could very well introduce a HOME 2.0 and screw people who have likely spent hundreds of dollars in virtual items, or just keep the same "world" and the same aging graphics and mechanics.

And of course no change from their basic policies. Meaning not putting things like Netflix and facebook behind a paywall.

psyxon2028d ago

PS HOOOOOOOME. :D and the console.

Blackdeath_6632028d ago

they really need to add a purpose or more depth to pshome.i think it has so much potential but i haven't been on pshome since i first bought my console and i haven't had a reason to. i think it would be nice if they integrated pshome in someway to the homescreen or possibly allow you to do everything you can on your console through pshome so you never have to leave the pshome world so for example when you first turn on your console it takes you straight to your house in pshome and through ps home you can access your games,friends list,media,psn store etc... again i haven't been on it for ages so i don't know how much of that you could do already. also with more ram they could really reduce load screen times to nothing that was another problem with pshome i wasn't patient enough to wait for load times

psyxon2028d ago

home has changed and advanced so much since when it was first released lol. it's amazing now. i get on it frequently, mostly to meet new people.

MRMagoo1232027d ago

I dont care at all about ps home , i just want to play my games they dont need online modes or anything just good fun games, noone else even has to exist for me to enjoy them.

guitarded772028d ago

Sony will bring the awesome sauce to E3.

SHORYUKEN2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Yep they will bring games, games, games.

Unlike xbox one TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV. Only...

TV, TV, TV, TV, TV and more TV, TV, TV, TV.

omi25p2028d ago

15 Exclusives actually.

Roper3162028d ago

" The return of "B" gaming to main consoles and physical media. "

couldn't agree more with the B gaming which would lead to more games like Deadly Premonition and less over budgeted generic games.

" The return of JRPGs/turn based mechanics to main consoles. "

I also strongly agree with this as well, the more they westernized the JRPG the worse they sold. People who like JRPG;s want just that a good old school JRPG.

The thing that has me most excited for E3 & the next gen of consoles is all the new IP's the new era usually brings in wit it.

Enemy2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Bungie will definitely be there demoing Destiny on PS4 and announcing exclusive content, so that's out of the way.

- Sucker Punch will likely be there demoing InFamous: Second Son.
- Mark "God" Cerny will likely be there demoing Knack.
- Evolution will likely be there demoing Drive Club.
- Guerrilla could surprise with another gameplay demo for Killzone: Shadow Fall but it's safer to expect a story trailer.
- Something unexpected could happen with Kingdom Hearts. Square-Enix will be there.
- Media Molecule still aching to really demo their new game.
- Lukewarm Media could pop up to demo Primal Carnage: Genesis on PS4 (console exclusive)
- David Cage

In addition to that, Naughty Dog's second team is up to something. The Last Guardian on PS4 could be a thing as well, which alone will win E3.

What's important is that we know the focus will be PS4 and software. Here's hoping they waste no time on PlayStation Home or ANYTHING TV related. TV and One are already the most irritating words of the 2013.

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Pintheshadows2028d ago

You forgot Santa Monica and Studio London. I have a feeling they are both working on things.

FamilyGuy2027d ago

With all the touted seamless transitioning in the PS4 I hope that if Home is continues (and I expect it will) jumping in and out will be seamless as well. Waiting for things to load is a major gripe that Sony is trying to solve on the PS4, if jumping in Home quickly can be achieved it'll be more of a worth while activity to take part in.

Background updates and, playing as you load, and faster loading should all help.

Home is a free social media game, filled with mini games and optional mirco-transactions. There's nothing wrong with it so improving on it would be a great idea.

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Majin-vegeta2028d ago

Games,games,games,games, oh and did i mention games??

Why o why2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

You mentioned 'Games' and 'games' but you missed 'GAMES'...slipping

godslayer4292028d ago

So far all we know of is a system reveal and destiny gameplay. i assume some new vita games as well.

Ilovetheps42028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

And a FF from Square Enix. Don't forget them. They even asked us to be excited for E3.

waltercross2027d ago

I Hope SE Brings FF back to It's old roots, I mean I want it to be all Nice and graphical and stuff, but more to FF Roots.

stage882028d ago

They will have the future of gaming.

BABYLEG2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

An unfinished console is what I expect them to show.. Slogan will be "It only plays games" while fanboys rejoice

Edit: i'm as serious as sonys unfinished OS

Utalkin2me2028d ago

He is a one trick pony leave him be....

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waltercross2027d ago

@ babyleg

Honestly Sony cannot do any worse than MS even if they tried.

MS will be too busy explaining why Used game restrictions and Kinect requirements are necessary, They'll be trying hard to tell us gamers what we want.
While Sony will be giving us what we want.

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