Opinion: Stories, Not Graphics, Are the Future

The graphics race has entered the last leg of its journey. With tech demos coming out for the new consoles and PC graphics cards, you can’t help but think that they’re only a tiny bit better than what we already have. This next generation seems to be an evolution in graphical quality rather than a revolution. Something has to change in order for gaming to survive and move on to the next level. This revolution won’t be in graphics, but in storytelling.

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PigPen2000d ago

I sorry but you can't one without the other. You'll need all three gameplay, stories and graphics for the future.

Neonridr2000d ago

It's hard to say that graphics are essential. Some of the most popular games have such primitive graphics.

Storytelling and gameplay are what keep the player invovled in the world around them. Games like Crysis look great, but get boring very quickly because the story and gameplay elements get very old, very quickly.

Having nice graphics might help on the eyes and aid in setting the mood, but look at a game like Minecraft. Super addictive and very expansive, but has graphics that look like they are from the NES days.

PigPen2000d ago

Common, you got to be kidding me. If what you say is true, then why even bother to get a next gen console right. Why do you think people are so eager to spend hundreds for a next gen console when they have a Wii/Xbox360/PS4 already.

Neonridr1999d ago

People want next gen because they want better everything. Graphics are a part of it sure, but the graphics you will see on the PS4 are what High End PC Users have had for the past couple of years. People want larger more expansive worlds with more physics and content happening in those worlds. Sure we will get higher resolution textures and some better lighting and particle effects, which will be great.

People aren't just buying the PS4/Xbox One for better graphics.

InSpectre2000d ago

Graphics are by far the easy part. Storytelling won't get better because people are terrible at it.

SpinalRemains2000d ago

Great great article and I agree 100%.

Great story and voice acting are what separate the games we play from the games we experience.

JW10802000d ago

I agree. Graphics are really damn good now and will only get better. Stories in video games could improve a ton in my opinion. I hope this next generations games improve on that aspect. And a good story does not have to be too complex. I hate that. I want to understand the story 100 percent. But leaves me yearning for the next chapter and the next installment of it. This has to come to fruition at some point because just about everything else has improved.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Graphics are great but not necessary (given our current level).

-I would settle for better AI

-Dynamic Story telling.

-More Dynamic Endings that are crafted from the player’s specific experience play style, or choices.

- And more interactive environments (that are not just movie sets):

-----Buildings that you can't enter.
-----Doors you can't open.
-----NPCs that you can't influence or interact with.
-----Towns that don't make sense- Empty of people or has no houses.

Scripted stories are great too- but Dynamic Player Specific stories are The REAL Future,
Games that provide different out come or experiences for everyone.