Opinion: Who Really Won The Console War? We Did.

HUGG writes:It is disheartening. It is hard to find even the smallest corner of the internet where gaming is discussed that does not degenerate into a flame war about who won the current console war. Even the most evenly balanced, unbiased opinion pieces are plagued with a barrage of “Shut up Xbot” and “You’re just a Sony Fanboy” in the comments section.

It’s natural to want to defend a console that you have spent hundreds of pounds on and even more hours dedicated too. Gamers will use any statistic to prove that their console of choice is the best – console sales, consoles shipped, software sales, Metacritic scores, live accounts, number of exclusives, graphical comparisons of multi-platform titles – anything which shows favour to their choice.

The truth is, none of the 3 major players won this console war. Even though Nintendo took an early lead with the Wii, the sales have dropped to a snail’s pace over the last few years. Even second place is debatable depending on your so...

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talocaca1756d ago

I don't think its over yet...

In Sales, Nintendo Wii so far (though likely to change).
In growth, I would say Xbox since it became a serious player.
In quality, I will go with PS3...just thinking of new IP while also entering the new generation with the most satisfied installed base.

sephiroth4201756d ago

i thought the wii won it? ages ago, its a shame the ps3 picked up alot towards the end :( ahwell next round i think is sonys, they need to replicate the success of the ps2

mydyingparadiselost1756d ago

Thank god we won this gen cause it looks like we're going to lose next gen.

Z5011756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

If it about sales. It's not over. The Wii, PS3, & 360 might STILL be produced 2-3 years from now.

Then. If it's about support. Easily, it's the PS3.

So, what determines the "winner"? I'd like to know for the upcoming next-gen so the goal-post aren't moved in the middle of next-gen.

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