PGNx: Major League Baseball 2K8 Review

PGNx writes: "2K Sports' MLB 2K8 is the only game in town for the Xbox 360, though thankfully it's quite a good baseball game. Some time ago, 2K Sports grabbed the exclusive third-party license for MLB games, which means that it has no competition on non-Sony platforms (though Sony does continue to develop its increasingly excellent MLB games on its own platforms). Thankfully, the developers as Kush Games have kept the upgrades coming.

Major League Baseball 2K8 is definitely feature-packed. The game's franchise mode is where you'll spend most of your time. In addition to all of the MLB teams and stadiums, the game also includes 90 minor league teams and 20 minor league stadiums. It is easily one of the most packed franchise modes out there, allowing you to retire player, negotiate new trades, and keep an eye on up-and-comers."

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