Sonic Lost World screenshots

Nintendo and SEGA released the first official screenshots from Sonic Lost World.

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yugovega1728d ago

wow this looks better with every screen i see. hmm if this turns out as good as it looks wiiu may have a system seller without mario.

strigoi8141728d ago

Sonic will be the new system seller for nintendo

PurpHerbison1728d ago

If only the Wii-U wasn't half gimmick.

kB01728d ago

Looks like mario 3D land with Sonic:S Will get it for my 3Ds...but I hope its not a crappy Dimps port/creation. I'm so sick of dimps!

I want the 3D experience on the go!

Utalkin2me1728d ago

It looks from what i have seen. That they took what was great from Mario Galaxy and what was great from Sonic Generations and mashed them together. Which i think should be a really good game.

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The story is too old to be commented.