Mirror’s Edge 2: How To Make The Game Great

Mirror's Edge was more of a small hit than a blockbuster, but still garnered a group of followers. What would make a sequel great?

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fizmarble1946d ago

The game is possible to beat without using a gun. I feel like that was the way to play it.

Gimmemorebubblez1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

If this game is an XBone exclusive than please don't make it require Kinect. to play. I would like to be able to use a controller.

Excalibur1946d ago

Maybe it's just me but I played about 20 min of the game then never picked it up again.

claterz1945d ago

That's exactly what I did, but then when I had no games to play I decided to give it one more try and I realized how stupid I was for not playing it earlier! Seriously you should play it again, once you get passed the first half hour it gets really good.

Excalibur1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I will at some point, It's just one of those games that got shuffled to the back of the pile when something new came out.

All the more reason for the ONE to be BC.

I like the phantom disagrees like that is not what I did, I didn't hate on the game I just merely stated a fact. ;)

ltachiUchiha1946d ago

Now that I think about it. What if it is a xbone exclusive. I can see it being used for kinect. It just looks like something ms would invest in to showcase kinect 2.0 abilities. What do u guys think? I hope its multiplatform but if not, its all good.

Grimhammer001945d ago

Is mirrors edge really getting a sequel?
One of the most memorable games from this gen! Love it.

If its exclusive to MS (and kinect makes me think EA would be that stupid) then bye bye.

Sorry MS - but you can't sway me with your spy box!