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DarkBlood1906d ago

So the game must be coming out this year then?

Neonridr1906d ago

I would assume if they have box art already, it most definitely will be coming soon. Who knows, we could get it by the end of the summer. Maybe a little E3 surprise Nintendo will reveal.

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ShaunCameron1905d ago

According to the recent trailer, most likely.

_QQ_1906d ago

I wish Nintendo would release info this fast for all their games.

yugovega1906d ago

man i'm loving all the colorful covers for wiiu games. I was really getting tired of all the gray covers lately.

jcnba281905d ago

So true, I mean just look at these gorgeous box arts.

deafdani1905d ago

I agree, those are some kick-ass covers. The Super Luigi U box art is also stupidly sweet, too:

BeZdaBest1905d ago

at least its not the blue and orange affair

MilkMan1906d ago

I wonder what this is about.

Eamon1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I miss the old school art from the Dreamcast era where it had a bit of attitude and style to them.

Now SEGA is just trying to copy Nintendo.

Williamson1906d ago

Yeah I loved how Sonic was drawn back then! He looked really cool.

LOL_WUT1905d ago

Those covers actually look much better IMO ;)

But this one is still my favorite.

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