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Sony WWS President Trolls Everyone

For the past few days, passionate PlayStation fans have been waging a campaign to convince Sony not to restrict used games on the PS4.

This morning, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, one of the few Sony execs who is active on Twitter and hasn't addressed the campaign yet, responded in the best way possible: by trolling everyone. (Culture, PS Vita, PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

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sherimae2413  +   728d ago
yeah they want to bring "DRM" to ps vita....
im not gonna oppose with that ^_^
blackbeld  +   727d ago

Sony is going for another WIN!
abzdine  +   727d ago
i love Yoshida! this guy is great! well done
irepbtown  +   727d ago
I'll be all over that DRM.
daedra  +   727d ago
another win? they didn't "win" anything last gen.
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TheGreenMan  +   727d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't a few Sony exclusives "win" GOTY? That's what game consoles are supposed to do - produce great games, right? Or is it all about the number consoles sold or market share?

I'll go ahead and clear it up for you by beating a dead horse - gamers play games NOT sales.
zeroskie  +   727d ago
@daedra, you shut your filthy mouth.
TheTwelve  +   727d ago
Death Ray Manta would normally get no press but now I bet it sells quite a bit!
killacal13  +   727d ago
DRM, Da Real Man Yoshida.
Maddens Raiders  +   727d ago
Hahaa -
I wonder if Shuhei Yoshida's wallet says, "Bad motherfu**er" on it. Dude is a stone cold player.
harkki86  +   727d ago
this game looks pretty cool! hahah i know they were trolling but it made me check out the game. i do love arcade games. too bad arcades arent around any more :(
SHORYUKEN  +   727d ago

Lucky I still have the real arcade machine with Street Figther Alpha in my living room. That thing is huge with the monitor.

It's €0,50 cent one match :)

I still enjoy it more than SF4 on PS3. Real Arcade nothing beats that!
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mxrider2199  +   727d ago
there are a few just mostly in movie theaters or laser tag or bowling alley places
showtimefolks  +   727d ago
lol world wide studios president trolling lol

ps4 won't have DRM, not after all the executives on Twitter basically supported their fans and said they hear us loud and clear

something i copy from neogaf

"Tretton: And here is..."
-- pause --
"Tretton: Is the disc not in the console?"
-- Yoshida runs on stage and hands Tretton a disc --
"Tretton: Is this my copy?"
"Yoshida: Nope, it's mine!"
"Tretton: Oh, ok thanks!"
-- Tretton inserts disc into the PS4, game starts --
"Tretton: Shall we continue?"


and the whole internet will be explore
adorie  +   727d ago
Very nice Scenario. SquareEnix Logo appears and Nomura walks out on stage with translator.
Metfanant  +   727d ago
i do have to admit...if this actually happened it would just be icing on the cake for Sony...it would be the PERFECT way to start their E3 presser...
stragomccloud  +   727d ago
I have to wonder though, if they were always thinking of their fans. Why did they even try to put forth DRM to begin with? Good thing Sony is at least being open. I wonder how EA will react on this one.
showtimefolks  +   727d ago

yeh that's the dark horse EA, no wonder why they dropped the online passes because why charge only $10 when you can charge full price again and again

i think in a way we should be glad sony announced ps4 first, in a way it kind of forced MS's hand so all the rumors were true and that games were 6 months behind schedule

Used games prices
must be connected to kinect 2

anyone know the major differnce between GDDR5 that ps4 has and DDR3 which xbox one has along with most pc's?
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waltercross  +   727d ago
DDR3 is bought off the shelf, GDDR5 is leaps ahead of that, 8GB GDDR5 cannot even be bought off the shelf yet.

GDDR5 = Ferrari
DDR3 = Pinto
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   727d ago

Basically GDDR5 advantage is that it has higher bandwidth and runs in lower voltage, while DDR have lower latency in its favor.

PCs use both DDR3 (as system memory) and GDDR5 (as VRAM, integrated with the GPU), for their different characteristics, trying to get the best performance possible. How this compare to next gen consoles is a bit tricky though...

Next gen consoles will use shared memory like current ones, but this time around they don't have really separated CPU and GPU processors but an APU instead... Actually, by definition, WiiU GPGPU is a kind of APU and PS3 used Cell (an APU) combined with a dedicated GPU. But this time what we have is dedicated CPU and dedicated GPU combined on the same die. Righly different from traditional PC architecture and what we have already seen on consoles... PC (much) probably will still have the upper hand (as it uses both to either advantage, although the split memory can create a bottleneck, everything there is upgradable, so it's not really a concern), but to pinpoint which system will be more efficient with its RAM is highly debatable.

Even as far as games on those consoles go, is yet to be seen what will benefit the unified processor more, high bandwidth or low latency. In theory lower latency will be specially important for multitasking and CPU heavily operations, while higher bandwidth is better for pure graphical power, so graphically Sony may have the upper hand, but AI may be better on MS's console for example... But this is only hypotethical for now, as APUs may make up for the latency problem by being on the same die (which would help Sony) or games may be programmed to run some usual GPU aplications on CPU instead (which would help MS). So it's really a wait and see scenario as of now.

Numerically, the advantage is with Sony, as the GPU part of their APU is more powerful and they have more RAM available to run apps and games (both have 8GB RAM, but Sony only uses 1GB for OS, while MS hypervisor + 2 OSes take 3GB). But if we look at what current consoles do, 5GB and Xbox One GPU may still look like enough for high quality gaming.

Also it's yet to be seen if MS can really pull that Cloud stuff (and whether Sony can't simply do the same with Gaikai, afterall the hardware on both machines is really similar, if anything, Sony have some advantage, which means it could easily be implemented through software if they have the servers).

So, to sum it up, both consoles are not just using similar architecture, they have really similar hardware in general, so it's hard to make a prediction on how far the differences in RAM alone will affect the systems considering the whole gaming APU is new territory. We can't tell for sure how far it will be noticeable and in which area would either (if any) be better.
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subtenko  +   727d ago
That would be one of the most HILARIOUS E3 moments in HISTORY! I mean E3's arent what they used to be but man...We need a twitter campaign for Jack to do that,lol. I hoped thats a leaked script

Come on Sony! :D
HonestDragon  +   727d ago
That scenario would be so full of win. Just reading that made me laugh.
Dj7FairyTail  +   727d ago
I wont because FF is irrelevant now after XIII
titletownrelo  +   727d ago
Through their upcoming ad campaign, SONY NEEDS to remind everyone that they support GAMERS. They need to remind everyone of all the amazing exclusives only available on Playstation, and that PSN is completely FREE.

Some subliminal messages trolling "XBOX ONE" at E3 would be nice as well. Take that M$.
jujubee88  +   727d ago

Oh, nevermind. Games. Yay! ^_^
nosferatuzodd  +   727d ago
Microsoft fans are really push overs Microsoft can bend them over any way they like and they just take it
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jcnba28  +   728d ago
Sony just trolled all of their fans lol
joeorc  +   728d ago | Well said
"Sony just trolled all of their fans lol "

No, Sony just trolled the gaming media on the internet, even asking if they were going to employ DRM...its like a MEME. How many ways do they have to answer it before people get the hint?

Sony clearly stated they were leaving it up to 3rd party publisher's what type of DRM to employ if any. Sony is not themselves employing it.

this is just a funny way to get back at the Media!
ooh look were bringing DRM over to the PSVita...Irony is lost on some i think!


the Media asked Sony this how many time's? reworded ,asked over and over again in one shape or form or another. Sony's people who were interviewed gave a clear response. The Fee question never came up until after Microsoft confirmed there would be one for the xboxone, now its being asked of Sony. thats like saying for how many years now, but..but Sony must make playstation network a premium service.. PSVita has cross game chat and party chat but yet still no required pay service. Ps3 has been getting increased benefits to the network service but free to play is still here even after 7 years. but..but the next generation Sony has to charge a fee for online.

lets see if that is true..lmao 7 years the same thing has been stated, many gamer's seem to think just because Microsoft does something , Sony has to follow suit.
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LostDjinn  +   727d ago | Well said
It is kind of funny.

What "some" media outlets/sites and diehard fans are trying to do is hold Sony accountable for MSs' actions. It doesn't matter what the truth is. It's an attempt to divert attention and blame away from MS. These are the same people who were told point-blank what MS had planned by MS employees. Seems a little strange that now that advertising revenue is making its' way through to sites everything's suddenly different. Even though nothing has changed.

Look at the number of users on this site that haven't used their accounts for years ((these users are from 2006-2008)the darkest days of fanboy trolling known to N4G). They've suddenly became active in the last week or two. What a funny coincidence that is. Not to mention that these (or accounts that are days old) are the accounts attempting to use the excuse that Sony didn't deny the DRM MS has said they (MS) will implement.

Another funny thing is that after the 7 years of BS you've pointed out one thing escapes these people. It's now a diminishing return. We've put up with an entire Gen of FUD and misdirection. It's not going to work as well the second time around.

The most funny thing though, is that MSs' E3 conference is before Sonys' so they'll have to blink first or bite the bullet and come clean. Otherwise it's going to get worse.
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Why o why  +   727d ago
Despite this...some will still try and group sony with Microsoft......oh oh, because sony said they would leave it up to the developer.. . Laughable, but not surprising these 'you too' types
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XabiDaChosenOne  +   727d ago
@joeorc +bubs!
rainslacker  +   727d ago
I think it's a good sign that they aren't considering DRM, or at least not heavy DRM. They wouldn't be doing this if they were, because that would just piss a lot of people off.

I know Sony has been arrogant at times, but I don't think they would every intentionally do something to piss off it's fan base. Particularly when this is such a hot topic.
DragonKnight  +   727d ago
If Sony leave DRM up to the publishers to create and implement for their own games, and at the same time DO NOT implement DRM on their first party games, then Sony will have effectively put publishers like EA in a position where they have to either look like the bad guy, or let the used games situation go.

Either way, Shuhei Yoshida is an awesome exec. This troll was hilarious. I would love to see how Geoff Keighley responds to this. Imagine his "source" was telling him about this? That would be really funny.
titletownrelo  +   727d ago
SONY: Is hilarious on Twitter and makes fans smile.
M$: "Deal With It"
mario22  +   728d ago
Yeah now they lose all sales. Buguguaga
bicfitness  +   728d ago
You clearly missed the joke. They're trolling MS and the media. The "fans" - the smart ones anyway - are taking the piss.

What is more interesting, is that this is essentially a confirmation that with few publisher expectations (EA), games and game sharing should remain relatively unchanged on PS platforms his coming gen. SCE would look ridiculous implementing Draconian DRM after taking a jibe like this. Good news for PS fans and spectacular trolling on the competition.

I don't think I've ever seen Sony so hungry for it. Should be an awesome gen.
LOL_WUT  +   727d ago
The "fans" - the smart ones anyway - are taking the piss.
Looks like jcba28 is not one of those people you speak of ;)
ZBlacktt  +   727d ago
XBox fans wished they only got trolled. Instead, that got nightmares that came true.
thechosenone  +   727d ago
xBone users are getting always on/connected DRM and no used games and we're the ones getting trolled. xD

MazzingerZ  +   727d ago
The difference between all 3 is that:
Nintendo executives plays their 3DS during coffe breaks, SONY's their PS Vita and look forward to get home and play on their PS3 and MSFT's drinks coffe, talks about business and look forward coming home and watch some TV.

Both Nintendo and Sony don't lose focus, they are ruled by gamers, Both have their philosophy and follow it yesterday, today and tomorrow. MSFT just used gamers as a trojan horse, they let it clear since 3 years ago...you choose, keep waiting for the E3 that will shut mouths or get a gaming console, not worth it to try to bash the ones delivering the experience for gamers.

Kojima will let clear where the gamers are at.
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   728d ago
Maximum Trollege Damage Dealt, over 9000!
Majin-vegeta  +   728d ago | Funny
Did someone say over 9000!??
ElitaStorm  +   728d ago
True_Samurai  +   728d ago
JoGam  +   727d ago
Yes 9000
Jaqen_Hghar  +   727d ago
There's no way that can be right! COULD IT!!!!?
onanie  +   727d ago
Over 9000!!!???
irepbtown  +   727d ago
Holy sh*t it's over 9000!
Skeith  +   728d ago
Why Sony have so many cool people ???
JoGam  +   727d ago | Well said
Because they are true gamers at heart.
NarooN  +   727d ago
Because they're the best company, duh :P
Plagasx  +   727d ago
Because they're not wooden with a strict set of rules unlike Microsoft.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   728d ago
Would be hilarious if this was a true update did insert a random "Death Ray Manta" boss in the current game played.

When you damage it, the boss bleeds pre-owned games....

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LightofDarkness  +   728d ago
The flippancy with which they are regarding these issues tells me that they have no major DRM features planned for PS4. Otherwise, the backlash when they unveil this would be gigantic, and they aren't so silly as to tease their fans like this if that is the case.

They know it's a sensitive issue with their fans and this may be a subtle way of quelling those fears.
Imalwaysright  +   727d ago
Yep before reading this I wasn't sure if Sony would or not implement some kind of DRM. Now I'm 99% sure they won't. This made my day.
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isarai  +   728d ago
Turns out these professional and uptight looking Japanese CEOs actually have a good sense of humor, true story
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yesmynameissumo  +   727d ago
I loved when he was asked (via Twitter) about the Xbox One. He responded "What was that about the HTC One?". Just awesome.
NateCole  +   727d ago
He is very western though like Kaz.
jc48573  +   728d ago
so anybody knows what Death Ray Manta is about? fighter? adventure? rpg?
bicfitness  +   728d ago
jc48573  +   728d ago
Williamson  +   727d ago
Jokes like these are hilarious. As long as none of the ps4 games from the first party studios don't have some kind of stupid DRM then I'll be okay. Don't care if EA does it since I don't buy any games from them at all anymore.
T2  +   727d ago
Ya its likely EA will try this but again they will come off looking like worst company in America then be all butthurt when people boycott them ... Serves them right
THE-COMMANDER  +   727d ago
torchic  +   727d ago
kinda sounds like Man-Ray from Spongebob
killacal13  +   727d ago
u sound like a pokemon. jk
Aghashie  +   727d ago
that was mean, but funny as hell!

no pun intended @ torchic

GamerzElite  +   727d ago
Bethesda Softworks already told that they are not focusing on DRM shit, They have already other works to do regarding games. If a developer say like this then why M$ forcing it to consumers?
rainslacker  +   727d ago
Likely pressure from some of the bigger publishers. I won't name names like EA or anything.
Sharius  +   727d ago
look like the only company come up with these DRM BS it's EA, and they have MS approve it

well. like i said before, the only game i enjoy from EA it's dragon age series, but seem like they make it worse when come up with dragon age 2, so EA can go to hell with all of thier product for all i care

and i'm not suprise if this company get the title of the shittest company 3 time in the row by the end of this year
nosferatuzodd  +   727d ago
because Microsoft knows they have all the suckers on their console, look they pay 4live Microsoft scream drm and they hold their heads down and take the beating like a good little xbots simple
#13.3 (Edited 727d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   727d ago
this is good news for me____

i was really afraid sony would use it, but this pr jibes from sony will makes things look ridiculous if drm is endured.

and people please stop with " MICROSOFT HASNT COMFIRMED ANYTHING" few of ther high executives already said what needed to be known each with confusing answers.

all i know is sony ONE is the reason why gaming was involved.
nix  +   727d ago
Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   727d ago
Lol this guy's funny
Saints94  +   727d ago
Dem trolls.

Related image(s)
jc48573  +   727d ago
and how does Microsoft respond? "You're really backwards."
llMurcielagoll  +   727d ago
I didn't get the trolling in the tweet, someone please assist?

Thanks lol
DragonKnight  +   727d ago | Helpful
Shuhei Yoshida has been the main recipient of the twitter movement with the hashtags "#PS4NoDRM" and "#PS4USEDGAMES"

This twitter response is a troll because it's a play on words. Or rather, a play on an anagram.

DRM normally means Digital Rights Management.

Shuhei Yoshida said that DRM is going to be on the Vita but he meant a game called Death Ray Manta. That's where the troll is because he knew everyone wanted him to comment on Digital Rights Management for used games on the PS4, but instead he confirmed a Vita game with the same anagram spelling.
llMurcielagoll  +   727d ago
Oooooh!! Hahahaha makes a lot of sense now!

Cheers, and a bubble up for you my good sir.
1lawrence  +   727d ago
thanks i was so angry untill u cleared that up glad u were here to clarify
T2  +   727d ago
Similar to the " Dr Mario" tweet lol ...
DragonKnight  +   727d ago
You're welcome. Glad I could help.
ginsunuva  +   727d ago
No Kotaku just trolled everyone again by making them accidentally click the story link to their forsaken website.
joeorc  +   727d ago
Ok here it is
20th of May:

yoshida in chair looking out the window; How am i ever going to promote Death Ray Manta.

21st of May

Intern steps in: excuse me sir The xboxone live event just ended.
Yoshida..YES ;I KNOW FANTASTIC WAS IT NOT? big grin on Yoshida's face.

Intern; sir its what Microsoft said about Used games and that there would be a fee.

Yoshida; A fee? really they said that?

Intern; umm nods.

Yoshida spins in chair to laptop, looks on Twitter, and Says "AAAAW YEEEAH" HIT'S THE ENTER KEY....

YOSHIDA GRINS AND THINKS Death Ray Manta! Publicity just wrote itself. and if i can have a lil fun at the expense of the Gamer Media, so much the better.
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DasTier  +   727d ago
If a man trolls, yet nobody knows or cares is it still trolling?
DivineAssault  +   727d ago
E3 should be very interesting
o-Sunny-o  +   727d ago
Best Game Ever !! BUY DAY 1 !! ^~^ !!
PatriciaBau29   727d ago | Spam
e-p-ayeaH  +   727d ago
Still you cant game share on your ps vita with your main account which sucks.

If PS4 doesnt allow game share im gonna be disapointed not gonna lie.
#27 (Edited 727d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kane_1371  +   727d ago
Game Share was pretty much not only dangerous but real bad for the Publishers.
Dangerous because if you were out for trade there would be no telling who would be coming up to you and bad for publishers and Devs because come on, you need me to really say that?

You would give away your full game to somebody other person but you would keep it too like having a cake and eating it too!
Pretty much piracy!
e-p-ayeaH  +   727d ago
game share purpose is to use a game you bought digitaly to be played in another system that you might own.

Game share as it right now is limited per 2 consoles only im my opinion that´s enough as it is.

Having no game share on PS4 is almost like saying that it supports the DRM policy.
#27.1.1 (Edited 727d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
DragonKnight  +   727d ago
@e-p-ayeaH: "Having no game share on PS4 is almost like saying that it supports the DRM policy."

It is in no way the same. How can you possibly justify that statement?
KrisButtar  +   727d ago
You can have up to 2 PS Vitas linked to your account at any given time.

That being said, you can only physically play on one at a time because the games/saves/memory card/trophies are linked to your PSN and you can only be signed in on one device at a time, For Vita what happens is yes I can register both Vitas but only the one with my account can play the game. So really the only use of the 2 system limit is if you say had a vita break or need repair, or if you actually actively used 2 systems, ie: left one at your cottage, and one at home sorta thing. It helps keep game sharing fair to actual owners. It's bad for families wanting to share amoungst siblings etc, but at the same time technically each person did/does need their own licensed game to play =/

I can see the PS4 doing the same thing
kane_1371  +   726d ago
No, it is not the same as DRM, Game share was yes like Steam's system that you get your games on another system that you log in to but you very well know that many people didn't keep to that!
MultiConsoleGamer  +   727d ago
Trolling isn't the way to win new customers. It only preaches to the choir and stokes the fires of fanboy hatred.

Writing about trolling isn't journalism, and its like shitting on the industry in general. It creates nothing but strife and hostility, all for the sake of a few ill gotten clicks.

BTW, Lame Informer has always been very well known for being a shallow paid advertisement for one company in particular, and this is another example. If gamestop didn't give this rag away with their power up rewards program it would already be out of print, just like EGM and GamePro.
tigertron  +   727d ago
Jeez, lighten up.

It's a bit of fun and shows that there is a good chance Sony won't implement DRM on the PS4.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   727d ago
Sony doesn't know how to market. Period.

And the replies in this topic prove my point about the kind of fanbase Sony has created.

If I were addressing the folks at Sony directly I would say this:

"What kind of customer do you want? The kind that spends all day posting online, trolling and alienating your potential customers? Or the kind that only plays games, buys lots of your products, and has a genuine enthusiasm that infects those around him / her?"

Sony, you know I'm right. I'm always right. And my argument against your marketing can also be applied to all of N4G.

And Lame Informer is still one step above toilet paper.
#28.1.1 (Edited 727d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(22) | Report
joeorc  +   727d ago
"Sony doesn't know how to market. Period.

And the replies in this topic prove my point about the kind of fanbase Sony has created."

really? you wrote both of those statements, and yet where were you when Nintendo did this:


that was at an E3 event no less, but where were you with your strong opinion about such tactic's?

or how about:

Microsoft crash PS3 Launch Party in France with Xbox 360 Love Boat!

how about that at the playstation3 launch party
where again was your strong out pouring of pointing a finger at that type of kind of fanbase?

you cannot have it both way's, all of them pull childish pranks and jibe at each other companies its just the way it is. Nothing to get upset over about really.
OSIRUSSS  +   727d ago
HAHA! You got trolled!
ziggurcat  +   727d ago
@ multiconsolegamer

Related image(s)
waltercross  +   727d ago
"and its like shitting on the industry in general"

MS is doing a good enough job at that, Lighten up man...sheeesh LOL
PANTHER1030  +   727d ago
Nintendo has Mario and Luigi, but Sony has another powerfull couple: Kaz and Yoshida.

Yoshida said at Eurogamer that PS4 can be used totally offline and the new machine doesn't block second hand games.


This Sony's policy responds, like Yoshida said at Eurogamer, that some countries ( specially emergent economies like India, Brazil and China) dont have apropiate internet conections and Sony wants to exploits this huge markets (India 1,210 millions of people, Brazil 193 millions of people, China 1.354 millions of people) . For example the PS3 is now assembly in Brazilian factories in response to the huge demand of electronics devices.

The huge mistake of Microsoft isn't in blocking second hand games or focusing on TV or use always online DRM restrictions. THE BIGGEST MICROSOFT'S MISTAKE, IS THAT THE COMPANY IS FOCUSING ONLY ON THE DOMESTIC MARKET OF THE US, forgetting Europe, Asia and these new emergent economies.

Sure, Yoshida is very smart and he doesn't want to lose millions of sales in these new scenarios full of hungry consumers. For example in Europe, PS3 is the best console sold of the current generation and Brazil is a more atractive market than Canada.
gano  +   727d ago
the joke was funny but, i'm not getting this.
the initial symbol turned me off. and a trailer i seen kept havin
hail satan at the bottom of the screen gameplay. yea, fuc that.
but nice joke.
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