Xbox One's self-publishing problem is bigger than it sounds

A lot went wrong, in the eyes of a whole mess of people, regarding Microsoft's Xbox One unveil.

But one thing to take note of that's particularly significant, even more significant than has been so far recognized: the inability to self-publish games on Xbox One.

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Skeith2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

For indie developers: Don't publish your game on Xbone.
Problem solved.

Belking2022d ago

Not gonna happen buddy. Indies will be there because they know the importance of XBL.

a_bro2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

yea..they know it so much, that they're flocking to the PS4....

fact is, their competitor are making things simple and easy for indies and microsoft needs to counter that.

NewMonday2022d ago

Indies will not self publish on Xbone because THEY CAN'T!

3-4-52022d ago

Xbox live dominated 2000-2013

A new gen brings new opportunities.

I love xbox live but that won't be the reason indie dev's make games for xb1.

I still think Microsoft is trying to do to much because they think they can.

They haven't planned for worse case scenario...or it doesn't seem like it at least.

rainslacker2022d ago

The Xbox will still have a rather sizable user base despite the stuff going around now. As an indie dev, they would want as many outlets to sell their games as possible. Given the parity of ease of development, and the apparent ease at which they could port games between consoles, there is no reason to not want to put their games on the X1 just to increase sales.

Not publishing on the X1 does not solve the problem for them. MS allowing indies to self publish would solve the problem.

Skate-AK2022d ago

Can't call it X1 anymore. That's the name of Comcasts media box.

PigPen2022d ago

Everything about the Xbox One is a problem to yall.

2022d ago
Belking2022d ago

That's because this is N4G. Xbox can never do anything right to them.

Blankolf2022d ago

I am a Xbox and PS fan all the way, but seriously MS is taking a step back from gaming so I vouch for their success but I hope gaming consoles fare better such as PS4 and WiiU or we might have a generation where the aspect of gaming is secondary in a gaming console and unrivalled by instead of ultimate gaming pcs by mainstream normal pcs...

Gridloc2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Indie developers will take the path of least resistance to get their games to the masses...

BTW I'm back from my 7 day time out, courtesy of the N4G mods..

nix2022d ago

and this was the most chaotic seven days...

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