Watch Dogs Gameplay: What’s New on this Action-Stealth Title?

Ubisoft revealed an extensive analysis of 61 feature highlights from a 30 minute gameplay demo of Watch Dogs. This next generation action game promises to amaze players with a brand new gameplay, including an advanced artificial intelligence and a remarkable level of realism. Let's analyze the main new features.

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mario221973d ago

Tibia mmorpg has better graphics... Sorry this game is debunked

Yukicore1973d ago

I am so hyped about this game, it's like the game I have been waiting since forever. I have very high hopes for this game.

Conzul1973d ago

Love how there's the Ai has a lethargic reaction scheme. Kinda like inFamous where the citizens will stone Cole if they hate him or throw rocks and fight the cops if they love him.