Global Weekly Chart, Ending 18th May 2013

Platform - Weekly (change) -Total

1. 3DS 130,486 (-5%) - 31,245,859
2. PS3 130,349 (+5%) - 77,313,472
3. X360 90,010 (+8%) - 77,311,669
4. PSP 52,904 (+5%) - 79,036,647
5. PSV 30,038 (-6%) - 5,110,057
6. Wii 29,505 (+2%) - 99,574,394
7. WiiU 23,819 (-8%) - 3,070,875
8. DS 15,748 (-0%) - 153,414,595

Total 502,859 (+1%)

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PeZuS1633d ago

PS3 overtook 360 this week, according to these numbers

Maddens Raiders1633d ago

The PS3 has been "overtaking" the 360 globally for some time. VGchartz has been slowly resisting chang3 for some time.

NewMonday1633d ago


WiiU vs PSVita is like watching a relegation fight

SHORYUKEN1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )


Dude you can not compare apples with pears.

WiiU is console and PSVita is handheld!

Dan_scruggs1633d ago


Money is money. Doesn't matter if it comes from a handheld or a console. Try thinking like a business.

LOL_WUT1632d ago

Something drastic needs to happen with the Wii U like a price cut because for it to be outsold by Wii is really saddening. ;)

Oh_Yeah1632d ago

@Shory, why can't you compare them? The DS is the 2nd all time selling gaming platform, and the Game Boy is right there behind it.

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The_Con-Sept1633d ago

So PS3 2nd now? Hahahahahaha. Sorry been saving that for 7 years now. Everything else aside.... Sony proves it's strong foothold in the gaming industry.

jcnba281633d ago

Yeah but it's still no way near Wii sales.

GuyManDude1633d ago


True, but it will be when all is said and done. Wii sales have completely dried up (it sold 5.25 million last year, and it's selling less this year). The Wii will likely end up at around 110 million while the PS3 should break 100 million. I'd be surprised if the gap between PS3 and Wii is more than 10 million in the end.

MysticStrummer1633d ago


PS2 continued to sell long after PS3 released. Expect the same for PS3 after PS4 releases. Both PS3 and 360 could eventually pass the Wii, provided MS doesn't do the same thing they did last gen and kill the old console completely.

Drekken1633d ago

jcnba28 - Who cares? Who still plays with their Wii? No pun intended.

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PeZuS1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Lol, why is this downvoted? I did say "according to these numbers" - look at totals.

Edit: And I wasn't talking about weekly sales - but lifetime sales. PS3 has been on top for a long while in weekly sales WW.

3-4-51633d ago

3DS still going strong.

After E3 you see certain segments of gaming increase.

I'm expecting 3DS sales & Wii U sales to increase a lot over the next year after what Nintendo reveals at E3. = pure fun quality games

* I'm also hoping for more Vita game announcements.

Yes I own a 3DS, but it would suck for handhelds if Vita didn't take off at some point. It will because the hardware is good, but it needs games.

It needs multiple good games within each genre...not just 1-2.

Dan_scruggs1633d ago

Yup still fighting for second place. Oh those two.

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sherimae24131633d ago

5 million userbase for ps vita i hope by next year it will increase two-fold or three-fold... it all depends on sony....
i know they have plans for it ^_^

bothebo1633d ago

E3 better be huge for the Vita. Would like to see like 10 new games announced that release later this year or next year.

Snookies121633d ago

I do love my Vita. Although even if it doesn't take off, Sony has already said they'd continue supporting it years down the road. Definitely glad I got a Vita day one.

ajax171633d ago

I know I'll be getting my first one this year.

Krosis1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

2500 units sold difference between 360 and ps3...THAT is what you people argue about. I hope you're proud lol

S2Killinit1633d ago

its a lot more than that if you are implying that its not a big enough number. VG charts is way behind.

PeZuS1633d ago

40k this week alone...
The gap will only grow from here.

Vigor1633d ago

It's more than that actually( Way more) and for a long while, vg is just refusing to acknowledge it.

Krosis1633d ago

Lol look at the disagrees. Yeah, let's argue over numbers "being big enough" because the whole idea of arguing about which console is better isn't completely sad. Well, I need some agrees: PS4 FTW!!!!

Hicken1633d ago

Look at you, ignoring what's right in front of you. Look at you, changing what you're talking about because you were so wrong the first time around.

The difference is far larger than just 2500 systems, first and foremost. VG Chartz has been proven to undertrack the PS3, and has NO sources for many places, such as Europe, where PS3 sells much better than 360.

Additionally, it's important to note that there's 18 months to a year difference in release date between when the 360 dropped, and when the PS3 came out. Since the 360 ended that time frame without about an eight to ten million unit lead, that means the PS3 has regularly outsold the 360 by more than a million each year it's been on the market.

Finally, there's all the bragging and taunting 360 fans have done since the start. Now those numbers tell a different story, now the shoe is on the other foot.

Now people want to act like it doesn't matter.

Krosis1633d ago

Did your hair rustle when the point went right over your head?

SHORYUKEN1633d ago

Dude you want numbers?

Here are some numbers I got from Blackbeld.

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Neonridr1633d ago

I just wanna see the Wii break 100 million. That's a milestone in itself.

Neonridr1632d ago

The PS1 moved just over 100 million. And the Gameboy and DS as handhelds have both moved over 100 million.

Bellcross1633d ago

Only 3 million Wii U sold?

That's embarrassing if true.

Neonridr1632d ago

LOL, the Vita has been out almost a year longer and has only sold 5 million. So what's more embarrassing?

Shnazzyone1632d ago

It's okay, 3ds has been the number one selling game system for months now. almost.

Wolfbiker1632d ago

people have such short memories and such high expectations. The Wii U is doing fine and it will only get better. its been 6 fucking months, it has more games than ANY CONSOLE EVER in the first 6 months.

I guarantee the doom will be told about both the PS4 and Xbox One just like they were for the PS2 and DS....the two best selling video game machines ever.

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