PS3 Haze - dream interview with the developers

An interview about Haze on the SCI-FI Channel.

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Legionaire20053923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

then I'll use the keep it option if the game is really great. I think the Gamefly keep it deal is better than that stupid deal about getting Haze for free, only to send it back a week later to Gamestop for store credit. I'll pass on that deal LOL!!! With Gamefly all u have to do is rent the game new when it just comes out so you can be the first served. Then in a month or 2 use the Keep it option with your discounts from gamefly, which could make you pay just something like $35 dollars with free shipping. Now that's a good deal nuff said.

jwatt3923d ago

That's exactly what I will be doing, all games I am unsure of I will be renting from gamefly.

games4fun3923d ago

also i decided to pre-empt anyone who keeps saying its unoriginal and already been done/mediocore

Ok I am getting really tired of hearing how haze is generic tell me is any of this generic:
2 completely different classes with their own style of fighting one rebel the other soldier
playing dead and stealing weapons from enemies in mp and sp
use of drug to increase abilities and also make bombs out of them for other team call it a gimmick but tell me what other game has it?
Vehicles I know other fps have them but there are a lot of fps that don’t either
The only thing you can say bad about it is that the graphics don’t completely blow you away but they are decent, just because the game got delayed all of a sudden it isn’t good anymore its annoying but it doesn’t change the fact that these are new features and maybe a game may have a few of those features but they certainly don’t have them all together so how are they generic when they go beyond most fps games in terms of features?

sonarus3922d ago

thinking of getting gamefly subscription. how long does it usually take for them to send the titles out. And how often are they rented/sold out on their titles

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Danja3923d ago

I already pre-ordered this game....look likes it's gonna kickazz online...

jwatt3923d ago

Yea multiplayer could be fun.

Amanosenpai3922d ago

keeping my bucks for other games... sorry Haze...

Baba19063922d ago

cant wait for its splitscreen mode. i hope the campaign is long enough.

LastDance3922d ago

if 1000 pages of dialogue isnt long enough im not sure what is haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.