Review: Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut (DarkZero)

"We live in a strange time where objectively terrible products are hailed as entertainment, due to some sort of self-accepting irony. Basically, “so bad its good” has become a legitimate genre, particularly with films like The Room or anything directed by Uwe Boll. This form of entertainment has also grown popular with videogames, thanks to the Internet’s collection of comedic streams, from witty Let’s Plays to the latest rant by The Angry Videogame Nerd. You would be forgiven for placing Deadly Premonition under this category; originally released for the Xbox 360 under a budget price, anyone could spot the immediate issues from the first glance; the graphics are awful, barely sufficing as a PS2 game, the character animation is stiff, the combat is an uninspired mish-mash between classic Resident Evil and modern Resident Evil, and the enemy designs are absurd to the point of hilarity. Any veteran gamer would instantly write this low-budget title off and call it a day."

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