Arrested Development commandeers game consoles in Netflix premiere

More than half of Xbox users watching Netflix this past Sunday were streaming the new season of Arrested Development, according to a report from bandwidth management firm Procera published by Mashable.

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1608d ago
sashimi1608d ago

I know i watched Arrested Development on monday all day on my ps3 lol

KingofGambling1608d ago

Same here, binge watch that.

grailly1608d ago


did you like the PSN network error they edited into the picture? it got me xD

3-4-51607d ago

Getaway Getaway..........stay away getawy

Moncole1608d ago

And the people who dont have Netflix were downloading it.

Captain Qwark 91608d ago

good, now give us another season lol it took until episode 10 for this one to be good. then it was on fire, buster and gob!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill even give props to tony wonder lol

sparta761608d ago

Damn!! I forgot about this. I was pissed when they took it off the air

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